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Keeping warm on a cold winter day

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Reilly & Sydney have it all figured out

They were 2 cuddly kitties today

My baby girl
Look at that furry foot

So sleepy

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Oh MY, that is beyond precious It's just so sweet how Reilly accepted Sydney so quickly and now look at them AWWWWWW
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Oh my word those are soooooooooo precious! Look and little Sydney's toes Reilly is just a big hunk of gorgeous
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Isn't that one of the great things about winter? The cats love to snuggle together to keep warm. Warms the heart!
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All I can say is: Awwwwww!
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Tracy your babies are soooo cute!
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Rielly looks so posessive of his little sister!!! What a couple of little angels!
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They are getting along so well.
Reilly is always a scene stealer but I must say that Sydney is giving your boy stiff competition.
I love the furry paw picture.
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Think I can squeeze in there somewhere?
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Awww! They just look so nice and cozy together!
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o my I am in those pictures are precious they just looks so comfy !!!!
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How adorable! Your girl doesn't even mind being squished, hehe
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Look at those gorgeous cuddly babies!
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Oh my goodness Tracy!, how precious are those two

Awww Reilly's looking after his stepsister
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Awwww Reilly and Sydney are a perfect pair!! and that last pic of Reilly is cracking me up!!
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