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Tell the your tree still up?

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I JUST took mine down last night. My mom was making fun of me because we never left ours up that long when I was little. We always had it down the day after Christmas. I've been so busy though that I have just put it off.

So tell the truth, is your Christmas tree still up if you had one? And if not, when did you take it down?
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I took mine down Xmas day since the boys broke it

My mom still has hers up, so does my Aunt and Grandma They've been busy so they haven't had time yet, I'd go nuts with mine still up!
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DH just took it down yesterday, But I had the ornaments off of it last week.
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My tree is coming down tomorrow...
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Ok, I'll fess up. Mine is still up. In a manner of speaking, as the boys have been systematically undressing it over the past week or so. I think there are more baubles on the floor than on the tree. I meant to take it down on 12th night but just didn't get around to it and once that was passed I just stopped caring. In order to pack it away I need to sort out the cupboard where it lives as it is full of empty boxes etc that fall on top of me when I open the door and I'm afraid I'm being very lazy and just can't be bothered to do that
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I only took it down on the weekend...

Still haven't put the box with the tree and ornaments away yet!
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I took mine down christmas day because of Isis and "surprises" i couldn't get to unless I tore it down.

One year...i am ashamed to say, we had it up in feb still.... We just never took the time to bring it to the dumpster.
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We never even had one up!!! Soo... never!!
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Well, we didn't put up a tree this year, but all the decorations we did put up are down, as of 7 January. I leave them for the 12 days of Christmas, and take them down on Epiphany or within a day or so after.
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Ummm....yes it is.
We haven't had a chance to take it down yet. All the ornaments are off it but the lights are still on (turned off) because I can't find the spool that I had to keep the lights from tangling when they're removed.
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I don't feel so bad anymore. We were sure that everyone else had taken theirs down already.
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My Christmas decorations came down today. Might have stayed up longer but I've been in all weekend with nasty weather so got bored enough to do it. Plus, I had to get them down in order to put my BIG CAT STATUE in her rightful place.
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We took ours down New Years Eve! Well... what was left of it
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Took mine down a week ago. It was late (I usually take it down the day after New Years Day) but I had that Noro-type virus that's been running rampant around here for the whole week (started New Years Day) so wasn't able to do it till later.
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Yup mine is up, but undecorated!! I was thinking about maybe leaving it up with white lights all year....
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I took mine down the day after Christmas. I love putting the tree up but once Christmas rolls around I'm ready for it to go back in the attic so I can have my living room back again!!
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I just took mine down over the past weekend....I wait itll after NYE, but I hosted a baby shower on 1/7 so I was SO busy with everything else, and then my dad going into the stayed up extra long this year....
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nope, my 2 foot tree is officially down when I put it in the garbage bag and throw it in the closet.
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nope...i packed away all of the christams tree and decorations over a week and a half ago
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Sorry, Jan 1 was when my tree went down.

We needed the room for [Whitey's] cat tree.
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We didn't have one up here at home, but at my parent's house, we put the tree up at 3 am christmas eve LOL and then took it down at about 2pm christmas day lol
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I still have mine up. Its so pretty. We should probably take it down. Time just goes so fast.
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Nope we took the tree down about 2 weeks ago, somethinng like that, I was asleep and I came down and whoa no tree, at least i didnt have to undecorate and we didnt even decorate it the kids did i just handed out the ornaments to them and took pictures !!! Only if they would take it down too !
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I can't remember when we took it down, but it was either the day after Christmas, or Jan 2. This past month has been a blur, lol.

But.....we started decorating before Thanksgiving...didn't have the tree until December 1, though.
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