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we used to have ice...

but it just melted. we might be getting snow tomorrow though.
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No snow here. We really need it since the nearby ski places need it. They make their own snow but it has just been too warm. This is the first year I have been living here and have not seen snow by this time. Usually we got snow by Thanksgiving. It is really wierd.

Good luck to you all with the snow and ice. We need snow here but the ice is just trouble.
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We don't have any yet.But, it's suppose to hit here tonight and be REALLY bad out.They say we're gonna get hit with ALOT of ice.
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It started as snow early this morning we got a few inches then it turned to sleet and freezing rain.Still sleeting here hours later. Then bitter cold for the next few days!
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We have ice all over the place.. and now snow on top of it.

I went to go ride my bike to the cat rescue this morning, and found that the bike chain had almsot an inch worth of ice all around it.. so I had to walk :P Been lucky I've been able to ride it this long though.

We're supposed to get more snow than we have.. just hope the roads don't get too bad and we have accidents.
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Well we were suppose to get snow tonight, but the last weather report said we'll be lucky if we see it. The snow clouds are all north of us.
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We've had snow and ice since last Wednesday. And we're supposed to get more tonight. *sigh* I'm tired of it! We've had nothing but crazy weather this season.
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Please please please PLEASE give us cold things!!
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We have both here!
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Those icicle pictures are very artistic and pretty. Makes me want to jump through the screen!
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We have a bit of snow but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cold here burr. We are supposed to get snow. My dad has a heater under the house that keeps our water from freezing. So I am good maybe it will snow so hard that I can't go to work. They said we have to go anyway but if it gets too bad I refuse to go sorry about their luck.
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We started with freezing rain, then got about an inch of sleet, then a dusting of snow on top of that. The good news is that they actually salt the roads in the area we moved to last spring. My old neighborhood got plowed about twice in the 13 years we lived there and the roads were never salted.

And it's COLD here now. The ceiling in my new kitchen is half gone (along with the insulation) and I can see thru the attic to the roof. My house hit 60 degrees overnight with the fireplace going. The furnace can't keep up. Kids are being snuggly for some odd reason......
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well it snowed here all morning, but it isnt warm enough yet for it to stick but they are saying that the roads are going to get slick tonite !!! But my mom said they arent really calling for it again until the weekedn but who knows with these weather men anymore the never really know the weather
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We've gotten a little snow. And you could ice skate in our driveway. (Hopefully DH will be off to pick up salt to fix that soon.)
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We had snow flurries today and got a dusting. Enough for me! Besides, the daffodil leaves are about 4-6 inches high!
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None here, just a 30 degree temperature drop since 6am, and going lower. Chance of a wintry mix on Thursday afternoon CRAP!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
We had snow flurries today and got a dusting. Enough for me! Besides, the daffodil leaves are about 4-6 inches high!
Ours too Jan......this weather should be called, National Lampoon's Mother Nature!
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We got ice last night with snow.YUCK!!!
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Yes, we have snow. We got about 5 inches yesterday and the bobcats LOVE it. Boris ran outside like a little kid who saw snow for the first time. He went out into the enclosure last night around 8:30 and did not want to come in until early this morning. Nakoma was lying on his back in the snow with his feet in the air
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
We have both here!
same here, only its got colder again so there is a sheet of ice over the snow!
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no snow yet, but it's like 16 degrees today, and freezing!!!
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Tomorrow morning is our turn, they say.
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We still have snow here- and we're supposed to get a bit more tomorrow! Its nice and cold here too!
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