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Do you ever wonder...

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What kind of life your cat(s) would have if you wouldn't have adopted them/brought them into your home?

When we brought Harley home, he was already 'spoken for', but I KNEW it wouldn't be a good home for him, and he would end up on the streets, or worse The people who wanted him weren't responsible people, and very wishy-washy, which means they probably would have taken him to the Humane Society after realizing a pet is a responsibility!
I tell him everyday how lucky he is to be living such a luxurious lifestyle!

Davidson, I'm not sure about him, but I'm not sure if anyone else could handle his 'diva' ways!
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Kenz, there are times I think to myself, "THANK GOD poppa found you guys..........." usually followed by a tear or two.........I just love them all so much!
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Reilly came into my life when my DH and I got together. But I know what poor Sydney's fate would have been if it weren't for the wonderful people at AVA (Cathy in particular) she was scheduled to be gased at the animal shelter it breaks my heart to think what could have been.
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I know where Luna would've been one week later. She was staying on B's sister's farm. A week after I took Luna home, all the other kittens were found eaten by coyotes.

Whitey possibly would've been placed with the human society and if not adopted in 30 days...dead.

Great, now I'm sad. I need my two cats to cuddle.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Kenz, there are times I think to myself, "THANK GOD poppa found you guys..........." usually followed by a tear or two.........I just love them all so much!
Your crew is so lucky to have been found by Jerry!
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I wonder all the time.

Lily probably would be dead. From being hit by a car, attacked by wild animal, having litter after liter. Or something equally horrible. She was a feral kitten.

Annie Rose also dead. Because my parents wouldnt have been home when she had the kittens and almost bled to death. She still almost died.

Kitten. I dont really know. She was part of a feral litter that someone trapped. Half the kittens were taken in by Animal control. I got Kitten, a friend got her brother and my friends neighbor kept 2. All but Kitten stayed feral. The ones at AC probably got PTS. My friends neighbors were "set free" in the neighborhood at 4 months. My friends wasfound a home with someone who was able to deal with tameing down a feral kitten at 6 months old.

Nazumi would be dead like all the other kittens in the AC I got him from that had heart murmurs. They kept them 2 months and werent able to find homes for any of them except Nazumi. So they were PTS.
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Everyone's cats are so lucky to have such wonderful loving homes with you all!
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I do wonder that.... and I'm tellin' ya, it makes me so sad I could cry over it. My little girl was so skinny, and skiddish, and the only person she trusted was my DH....she is still terrified of thunder, which only makes me think that she was a kitten, unwanted and alone, and terrified during thunder storms, huddling under something to keep dry & warm....and with her birth defect, I can't help but wonder if her momma cat pushed her away as most animal mother's do to one of their offspring that has a birth defect....and it makes me sad....then she went through a 16 hr car ride home with us, we broke down on the way home, she had to sleep in the truck overnight, and then when we got her into the vets, she got 2 shots, wormed, blood taken, had bartonella disease and had to be on meds for 3 weeks which gave her horrid diarrhea, causing her to need 1/2 bathed almost daily..... do you see why now she's spoiled rotten? She deserves to be the queen, she has suffered more than any kitty deserves. This is why she gets just about anything she wants, and she's showered with affection every waking hour we are home!

Now, Louie, he was born into a decent enough home....granted he wouldn't be spoiled like he is with me, but he'd be fed, played with, and cared for....I don't think he'd have his very own panic mouse to tackle like he's in the NFL....
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I'm sure Duke would have been adopted he was a kitten when we got him. But who knows what kind of family he would have gotten!? He probably wouldn't have gotten to sleep in somones bed and get fed at his beccon call. For him that would be a horrible life.

Sibohan was a feral cat, she had had kittens when she was brought to the shelter and had terribly infected paws, like she had walked on glass.
If she hadn't been found she would have died there is no question. The minute I saw her I fell in love and would not have left her at that shelter for the world.
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I know Gracie and Lizzie would have had a wondeful life.
Their Mother was a pregnant stray that one of my very dear friends found on her doorstep.
She still has their Mother and Brother to this day and she was going to keep Gracie and Lizzie as well...that is until we lost our dear, sweet Maggie.
I called her to tell her about Maggie...she brought Gracie and Lizzie to my house and told me to pick one....ONE??? no way, they were so cute I HAD to have them both.

I really don't believe Annabelle would have lasted another hour.
She was in the middle of a very busy street just a block away from were we used to live.
While I was on my way down the street I saw her come within inches of being killed by one of those cars.
I thank God everyday that someone finally did stop so that I could get out on the street and get her.

I don't think Elliot would have made it much longer either.
Like I've said so many times, when we bought this new house we'd only lived here three days when I spotted him and KNEW I was going to do my best to find a way to make him an indoor boy.
There are others strays around here and he was terrified of them, they would chase him but he would never fight back...instead he would run....I saw him run out in front of one to many cars and that was the day I made up my mind that was the day I was going to go get him and bring him in...I'm so glad I did.
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My girls were at the SPCA with their Mama. I think that about says it all for where they came from! I sure hope their Mama and siblings went to a good home.
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I figure Madden would have ended up being brought home as a childs pet and quickly tossed outside or dumped off somewhere once he "matured" and no one would spend the money to have him neutered. Thats sadly just the way that most people seem to be around here.
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Miagi would have probably ended up in a shelter. a lady found him in her basement and couldn't keep him.

Tiger would have stayed with the people who found him but they were moving and couldn't keep him.. he was found on the highway with another cat to fend for themselves. Tiger had a broken tail and it is healed now. I can't imagine how anyone could have dumped him! he's the best cat ever and so is Miagi.


my dogs would probably have ended up at a shelter or worse. Jenny, Buster, and Rocky were from "accidental" litters and were "free" in the newspaper. I know for a fact if we didn't take Buster.. he would have ended up at the shelter or worse since he's a hound. Ginger would have stayed with my aunt, but my mom inherited her from my grandmother (my mom's mother) when she passed away in 2003. She was originally supposed to stay with my aunt Barbara but she hates her little dogs so she lives with us now. and of course all my dogs are the best dogs ever imo.
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Mikey was the last kitten in his litter to go. No one wanted him. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!??? If he wasnt with me he would have made it to some family who really didnt want him but took him because he was only $20.
He wouldnt have a buddie to eat pizza with, cuddle in bed with and then take up the whole bed. He might not get any attention from this owners if he lived with other cats because he is so humble and quiet and most cats are more outgoing then mikey. He doesnt like to play all that much so he might be given away to a new familys all the time. But thank the good lord we found each other. We are soul mates...in kitty terms.

Stewie...he'd be a rough street cat, flashing ladies his pretty blue eyes then street brawling the male cats. He'd be eating garbage and taunting peoples dogs. yeah..thats totally stewie!
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Kandie would have ended up like her Mommy having a few litters... loved froma distance but cared for ....

Zoey was feral and who knows what would have happened ... I thank the trapper of her regularly... she ended up at the shelter with her kittens and then tamed enough for me to adopt..

Gigi would have been a young childs dog
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Tailer would be dead. No question about it. DH sprung him from the cage where he was awaiting pickup from the local pound to go be put down. When DH was pulling out of the parking lot, the truck was pulling in.

Harvey would probably either be dead or spent the rest of his life in a shelter. We took him from a friend who couldn't keep him. If we hadn't taken him, he would have gone to a shelter. He was nine years old at the time and extremely shy and skittish. I think it's unlikely anybody could have realized how very special he is once you get to know him.

Forest had been rescued by our vet, and she would have found another good home for him, like she did with his brother. But there's nobody on this earth who would possibly have loved that wobbly, funny kitty as much as I do. It was love at first sight!
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I often think that with Jaffa. I just can't imagine him living with anyone else. We bonded the second we set eyes on each other and I just can't imagine him being in a different environment or with someone else. Given that lots of cats over here are indoor/outdoor cats there's a good chance he'd have been let outside and I really don't think he'd have any road sense - he's just not that kind of cat - so there's a good chance he'd be a dead cat by now if he hadn't come to live with me. I think Mosi would have been happy with any home so long as he was spoilt, but I'm very glad he came to live with me. I do wonder whether another owner would be so tolerant of his early morning alarm calls!
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I don't know what would have happened to them but all I know they are much better off living with us
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Oh yea and B' cat Beauty would be dead too...B adopted her because she was due for the needle by the end of the week...
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Unfortunately I don't have to wonder, I know nobody wants a "sick" kitty, the thought of what would happen to these babies if it weren't for me is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes I love my babies so much, I jut wish I could have them for much longer though
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Every last one of my kitties would've been dead. They all have their various ways....deafness & blindness causing them to be hit by cars. Lily & Dory were in tough shape when I got them.
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8-Bit would have been PTS by a shelter in Akron. He was headed there before he chose us.

Scratch would have ended up with his foster Mom. I'd like to think that he would have had a good life with her, but I'm not too sure.
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Kitters definatly would not be as loved and spoiled as she is with me and my DH. She was obviously abused to be thrown out to begin with so it could only get better for her. But she sure did luck out with me and my DH! She rules the roost for sure!
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Daisy would have drowned, our daughter pulled her out of a river just as she was about to go over a weir.
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I wonder that. Easy came to me lost and pregnant, she would have more than likely had her baby's on the streets and there is no telling what would have happened.
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I think about that alot, and it actually made me cry once. I just thought about how I am everything to Trout, and I am the only one to make sure she has the best possible life she can have...All she has is me It actually brought me to tears one time because we are so lucky to have eachother, and I would hate to think of anyone not treating her as she deserves. And of course I would be lost without her
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Daisy would have drowned, our daughter pulled her out of a river just as she was about to go over a weir.
Oh my goodness! She is very lucky to be with you!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I wonder that. Easy came to me lost and pregnant, she would have more than likely had her baby's on the streets and there is no telling what would have happened.
And those beautiful babies definately don't belong out there on the streets, they belong in your home, ruling the roost!
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sephie probably would have been squashed by a cat. Gabriel and Orion would have found other homes since they were at the humane society (although i know that some of the animals trapped with him had found homes and the ones that were too "wild" were pts ) and the vet's office. Isis would have died a few weeks later had we not been there and taken her to the vet for her asthma.
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Who knows with Bump Bump, he had obviously strayed from his mum at a very young age and was just looking for warmth, I doubt he would have made it very long

Mag's was scrawny but didn't look too badly kept, so we think he may have belonged to someone at some point, but he was roaming the streets and just decided to jump in the window, some other people may not have been as nice as Matt was to feed him and keep him.

Boomer would have gone to wherever 'free to a good home' kittens go, most of them were on the streets not long after.

Scully was destined for a shelter, and with his health problems (and size), probably deemed unadoptable and PTS
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