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Work Reviews PART TWO

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Well, many of you may remember that I had a review at work in December.

It turns out that review was just the first part of our review, and TODAY he is doing the second part which is POINTING OUT OUR FLAWS and negative characteristics..Mine is in a few minutes and all the other girls in my office have come back in tears.

I guess I might be grouchy later on...dang..what a drag this is going to be. In the first part of the review he asked all of us what we thought about our coworkers..and in this part, he is sharing it with us...the bad stuff of course. He is not saying who said what...but still.

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WTH???? You need outta there NOW, kiddo!
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You know its a bad sign when the employees are crying after the reviews! Why in the world would he try to do that to you guys?

Good luck hun - I think its time to get a new job!
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:censor::censor::censor::censor: indeed!

That sucks Natalie. Just remember that whatever they tell you, that's one person's opinion and doesn't mean anything. Of course if it is a negative quality that you could possibly see in yourself (let's face it, we all have them), use this as a building block to improve for your NEXT job.

Keep us updated.
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Try not to let him upset you...he sounds like a jerk.
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The question I have is what purpose does your boss thinks this review serves?

He sounds like an idiot to me.

Stay strong while you look for a better place to work
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Who gets to point out his flaws?? This doesn't sound like a very smart way to motivate people, in fact I would think everyone would be at the others throats, even if he doesn't tell you who said what it still seems he is trying to pit one against the other. Does he have a boss? Do they know about this insane motivational tool??
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Wow. IMO you need to get your resume together and start lookig Natalie. This guy sounds like a looney who has nothing better to do with his time then to make your lives nuts.

All this is going to serve is backstabbing, people talking about others, etc. Utterly ridiculous. This is demotivation, not motivation.

:censor::censor::censor::censor: indeed
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It's almost sounds like your boss tried to self educate himself on ways to motivate his employees and got it all wrong... There was the first review, then the change in your pay structure, then the 'life coach', and now this. Good grief. Someone sign the guy up for classes.
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Sounds like a miserable place to work. I wouldn't tollerate people pointing out all my flaws.... I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE, SO SHOVE IT!
it is not an atmosphere of freindly co-worker boss relationship, I mean how are you suposed to work when people are pointing out your flaws left right and center.
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I KNEW that "life coach" thing was pure BS!

Sigh...time to get job hunting, my dear.
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Oh my gosh that is terrible! What a poo head!
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I'd be showing him my negative characteristic: my big butt as it walked out his office door.
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
It's almost sounds like your boss tried to self educate himself on ways to motivate his employees and got it all wrong... There was the first review, then the change in your pay structure, then the 'life coach', and now this. Good grief. Someone sign the guy up for classes.
...I totally agree ... Natalie dear start looking for a way out of this place
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ditto to everything everyone else said, there is no point in being told what your co-workers think your negative characteristics are, looks like he's just trying to have his employees play the heavy
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Ahh just smack the guy upside the head....he sure sounds like he needs it! JERK! I hope it isn't as awful as it sounds like its gonna be, but if it's bad, we're here for you!
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Well, Nat? Any news? Personally, I think his whole process sucks. Why should people come back from work reviews in tears? There should be no surprises in them - if there is a problem, then it should be upfront and discussed and solutions sought immediately. And yes, I'm a firm believer in praising employees for a job well done immediately. A two-step work review makes no sense at all!
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That is terrible - I have never heard of a boss pointing out negative stuff about the employees - I mean, wouldnt they more likely encourage the positive??? Huh! I say, get the heck out of there, well, look for a better job first.
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This guy sounds like a real loon! Even though reviews should include flaws and areas where you can improve, it should ALWAYS be followed up with positive things that you are doing well. And asking co-workers their opinions should be kept in 100% confidentiality, only "sharing" the problems if they have been verified with independent observation as an area to improve on. The way he's doing it only serves to sever any ties between co-workers (or create mega-cliques), and make everyone bitter and paranoid about their work environment.

He sounds like a freakin' sadist to me!
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Well, it went as I thought it would..I mean, we all know our own flaws right? Pretty much the main complaint was that I am often short with clients and have little empathy.. I know that if I am having a rough day, I have been less than 100% kiss butt with clients, but its certainly not my everyday attitude.

I didn't cry!!! I totally psyched myself up that it doesn't matter and I will just improve on where my weaknesses are, and I don't feel bad at all..

One person in my office said I don't work hard enough... That totally threw me for a loop..I was pissed off about that comment for sure. (Maybe they know about my TCS addiction?? I haven't been posting at work alot at all lately... NO SERIOUSLY!!

Anyway it all ended well..I am going to post a new thread about my new PAY situation!!
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Ohhhh I wonder who said that about you Nat...Do you have any ideas? That would drive me nuts! Glad it turned out better than you thought it would!
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I'm betting it was the ex-friend that is a WITCH!
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