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cat wont stop using the bathroom on my rugs!!!help?!??

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My kitty, Slinky, is really bothering me. She won't stop jumping on the counters and eating leftover food. She gets fed regularly and she won't stop eating, its like she never gets full. I thought she would stop after I repeatedly told her to quit. And what has really been bothering me is that she goes to the bathroom on rugs and not her litterbox. She will use the litterbox occasionally but just last night I caught her doing it again and I yell at her and tell her no, but I don't physically harm her. She pees and poops on it and it is such a hassel it has to stop. She will not listen at all. Please tell me how I can get her to stop jumping on the counters and using the bathroom on my rugs. I'm so very tired of washing them. I need advice!!!!!!!!!!
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have you tryed moving her litterbox onto the bathroom rug, then slowly moving it to where you want it?
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When was the last time she has been to the vet? Urinating outside the box can be a sign of a Urinary Tract Infection. It would be best to rule this out before assuming it is a behavioral problem.

You also need to wash the rugs in some type of an enzymatic cleaner to remove all traces of the urine, and break the cycle. If your cat can smell it, she will keep going there.
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From what I've read, cats seem to enjoy urinating on bathroom rugs that are rubber backed, or those that have a very deep pile.

Mine are cheneille and reversable, and I've never had that problem. Maybe you should try some new rugs? Change the litter you are using and try a new brand?

Regardless, you definitely want to get rid of the ones that have already been, um, defiled.
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Definatly get in for a vet check, almost every cat i have had that suddenly hates the litter box( even if they occasionally use it) has had some sort of illenous affecting the bladder/bowels. As for the rugs if you cant buy an enzyme to remove the oder try a vinger wash, one cats hate the smell of vinger and two it os very good for getting rid of bodily fluids/odor.
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As long as any physical problems have been ruled out; don't just throw out the soiled bathroom rugs yet. Cut them to fit in the bottom of your litterboxes. Then put the litterbox where the rug used to be in the bathroom. Hopefully, she'll use the rug inside the litterbox. Now very gradually, add some dry cat litter on top of the rug so she'll use both substrates. Gradually transition to full litter and no rug. Then, you can try moving the box to where you want it, but again, go slow! Some cats pick up this habit after learning cloth is soft on their back side, or they like the feel of it on their paws. As you are transitioning, pick up all rugs in the house, and don't leave any laundry on the floor ever or that may get soiled too. You have to be very strict with yourself to correct this behavior, but it can be done.

About jumping on the counters; never ever leave food out on the counters that isn't covered. Try using double stick tape on the edges of the counters to discourage jumping on it. You can try squirting with a water gun, but this may or may not work. If she seems hungry all the time, it is probably a behavior left over from her previous life. Leave dry food out for her to eat. She'll eat her fill and see that there is more for later. After a few weeks of overeating, she'll learn her limit and not eat any more than that.

Good luck and search the forums for more topics like this one.
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