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Right or wrong thing

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Hi, i was just wandering if....
I should scold my cat if she scratches me and plays with my hand.
He realy does love it(even thought it hurts me)
I have got my first deep cuts and i dont really mind but...
Im kind of a feeble 13 yr old so should i stop him from doing it ????
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It would probably be better to play with a feather toy or one of those fishing rod type toys when she starts to attack your hand. that way you won't get hurt and she will still have fun.
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Playing with hands is cute when they're kittens but it's not so much fun when they're grown up or if they see all hands as something to play with, so is probably best discouraged. Anakat's suggestion of distracting him with toys is a good one. You can also discourage him by blowing in his face of hissing at him (like his mother would do).
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Kirra loves to wrestle with hands , while my husband can handle this i can not and what i have found works well is redirecting. Kirra has her special bunny (a stuffed bunny from easter) and when she gets to rough i grab the bunny and replace the bunny for my hand and she goes to town on the bunny not me. So perhaps a stuffed animal to wrestle with?
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dont scold but say NO and stop playing. if you must play with your hands wear a glove and sew little things to the fingers for fun. You really dont want your cat to associate your hand with attacking games. there will be many times when you need to use that same hand to help/groom/medicate your cat.
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