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I usually make lunch-sized meals out of it and freeze them. Then bring them to work for lunch at a later date. DH lates leftovers, and hates food that has been frozen (what a wuss) so it's all mine!
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
I wrap them up and put them in the fridge. The thing is, I almost never eat leftovers. Either DH eats them at some point, or they end up getting thrown out. At least they're spoiled food then, though, not good food.
This is us exactly!
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Depends what it is and how much. Either save it for the next day or Nunuk gets it.
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Rarely eat them, most of the time wait until garbage day and throw them out!
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If they are yummy, I save them..if they are gross I chuck them
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I save them and eat them later! I love leftovers! I like to make a huge meal on a Sunday and eat the leftovers throughout the week.
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I usually put them in the fridge, sometimes we eat it, sometimes we don't.
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i always use them i like to not waste food. if it's leftover chicken for instance- i'll use the meat and make chicken quesadillas for lunch the next day or chicken sandwiches..stuff like that. / leftover ham- i make quisch and other things out of...things like that. i try not to waste food. sometimes if i'm really busy- i'll cook several meals a few days ahead of time and freeze or refridgerate them so i don't have to on nights i'm swamped Works like a charm and keeps us from eating too much take out or things that are bad for us
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I agree, that works well to keep me on track too!!
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I typically have leftovers for lunch if only one serving remains. Or we will eat them for dinner again.
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If dh dosen't eat them I throw them out for the wildlife to eat or put them down the garbage disposal. I won't eat leftovers, I think its gross! (I know I'm weird)
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We wrap them up and attempt to eat them during the week for lunch. My DH doesn't really like leftovers so it's usually up to me to eat.
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We are not big left over eaters. Somethings like Tuna Casserole for me and Hanburger Helper for Lee get eaten very quickly. Most things go bad and get thrown out.
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Depending on what they are I might eat them the next day or freeze them.
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I'm the leftover eater in our house. So, we put things in the fridge and I'll eat them for lunch later. Of course, I've been on a very strict diet lately so poor fiance has been cooking for himself and he has a very hard time cooking for one person... or two for that matter... which is why we ALWAYS have leftovers. I almost never have to worry about what I'm having for lunch. Oh, and he's not big into leftovers unless it's like a skillet meal or soup or something like that.
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Sometimes like lasagne a big pan is alot for two people so I will freeze half the pan. Most leftovers will be consumed by Neil or I. I made a chicken pasta salad for Neil and he will have that for lunch this week, the roasted tomato soup I made for dinner last night I will eat for lunch this week. I try not to waste food by making too much of something to end up throwing it away.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
What do you do with your food leftovers?
Usually I put in my stomach... ...

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