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My new organizing tip

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Yes its a new year and I'm slipping in my organize/clean up mode.
We have a closet in the basement which is not a good use of space so yesterday we put up two more shelves and I am storing my vases and some seasonal decorating items. Then on one wall I hung a piece of chicken wire tacked down on the top, the bottom and a nail on each side. I then stuck though the holes all my silk flowers that I either use in seasonal arrangements, got on sale and haven't used or older ones stuck in a plastic bin. I emptied out the rubbermaid bin which used to be stuck unde my desk(room for something else!)
I tried to arrange the flowers by "season and color" but at least if I feel like buying more for some reason I can see what I have first (I have quite a bit actually!).
Know when I show Neil he's going to say why did you spend so much $$$ on all those silk flowers as I don't think he knows who much I had!!
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Gail I am the same way with balls of yarn..... if I see it on sale, I but 5 skeins.... (Louie loves mommies yarn addiction)
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Good idea for the flowers! I've got bins and bags with just leftover pieces cuz I can't throw anything out and feel wasteful ya know. Someday when I have my craft room/space, I'm gonna try that!
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I organize my christmas decoration in plastic shoeboxed of the coresponding color. Red in red, grees in green etc. it makes it easy to find things. The general stuff like garlands, stars and lights go together in a big rubbermaid container but it has pictures on the outside of what is in the box.
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