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Smudge - before and after

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This shows how much she's grown!

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And this is just a decent one that I (finally!) managed to snap of her with my own camera! You can see that she'll have copper coloured eyes (omg she has an eye colour!!! )

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Wow!! look at how tiny she was in that first pic! she's turning into a beautiful cat
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wow! she really has grown like a weed!! you did such a great job with her, look how healthy and happy she is!
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You have done a wonderful job with her she is amazing.
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Look at how big and healthy and happy she is! Quite a change from the sickly little baby-kitten you first showed us. She's such a little doll!
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Why do they have to get big She's adorable
Do you think her eye issue bothers her?
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Oh my she is such a peach, all gown up from a little fluff ball to a beautiful special little lady we love her
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Smudge!! You are so adorable!

What a big kitty she has grown into!!
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Oh Smudge you pretty girl
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She was so tiny! Shes growing up into a very pretty kitty. When is she having her surgery on her eyes?
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Awww precious kitty.
They grow up so quickly.
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She's filling into her fur coat!
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aw, she's so cute - yes, when is she getting that surgery?
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She was so tiny and sooo cute! - but growing into such a beautiful girl!
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Aw, I just love Smudge!!
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I guess I missed the eye thing what is wrong with that Sweet Babies eyes? She is a Baby Doll
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I love the little tuft of hair on the back Smudges neck! It's so funny! What a size difference then and now!
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Now is it just me or does she look like she swallowed a basketball in that second pic of her on the toy???

She loves her tucker, but I'm hoping the big belly is more due to her sitting in a slightly crouched position... I hope she's not turning into a big porker!

Edit: Oh oh oh!!! And my favourite thing is her tail!!! Look at that tiny straggly thing in the first pic, and the big fluffy poofy thing in the second pic! She has such a big tail now
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She is getting so big! And she looks so shiny Sarah, and so soft!
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