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Litter Liners

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I have tried litter liners for the first time this week and I really like that it may keep her litter box cleaner and by that keep down the chances of bacteria growing and such as that but I am wondering if there is a certain brand that is better than another one. I got hers from walmart and after like a week it has little pin holes in it and I was just making sure if that's normal the holes are up at the top and the sides like were I put the hood down at. She didn't seem to bothered by the change and I also got her a new litter pan while I was at it and I simply put some pieces from her old litter box in the new one and I put it where her old litter box was kept and she has seemed to be bothered by the change. Is that how most people change them out when they buy a new one. I haven't bought a new litter box in so long I was actually a bit worried at first.
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Most cats scratch at the litter pan liners, so they hardly ever last a week!
Maybe the "new" smell of the new litterbox is disturbing her. Is she using it? She might just have to get used the the smell and color of it.
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Litter liners are so annoying. Everytime my cat is making a place to do a poop
he gets caught on the litterliner ALLL THE TIME.After a few weeks im going to introduce him to a better litter bin
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If your cat is not that much of a digger, they would work, but in most cases, its a waste of money as the cats will rip them up first
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
If your cat is not that much of a digger, they would work, but in most cases, its a waste of money as the cats will rip them up first

I agree, one use and Gracie and Lizzie had holes clawed in them.
They'd probably be okay for Annabelle, she doesn't dig at all.
Elliott couldn't use them, that boy digs to China
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I suppose that litter liners would be best for declawed cats cause those with claws would destroy them before you empty them.
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Litter liners lasted about 20 seconds in my house - Diesel likes to dig to China after doing his business, so they tend to get a little ripped!
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Well she uses her pan she has always been good about that no matter what I do to it. And there doesn't seem to be any holes in the bottom just on the edges for the most part I thought that since it had draw strings I would be able to lift it up and just take it out to the trash like a trash bag but I don't think I will be able to do that. But I empty it on payday anyway and I get paid two times a month so I thought that would be regular enough to keep from it getting too badly ripped.
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I used to use liners with Comere until they would bunch up and I'd end up with this little "puddles" of urine cathing in the folds. It was really gross. He was declawed so ripping them wasn't an issue... but it honestly made the smell worse.

With Cosmo now we are litter-liner free (he has claws, so no point even trying).

I also found this new litter by Tidy Cat called "Small Spaces" -- it's meant to help cut the odor down even for small apartments (though I live in a house). I've been using it about two weeks and it is the best litter I've used BY FAR. It's clumping type and the clumps do not crumble and fall apart. And I swear, there is virtually no smell.
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I use Jonny Cat pan liners and Gizmo doesn't mind them. She is declawed anyway so she can't rip them.

Jonny Cat is heavy duty plastic. After one horrible experience with an unlined pan I've decided that the liners are the way to go with this girl. It makes cleaning the box a snap.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
If your cat is not that much of a digger, they would work, but in most cases, its a waste of money as the cats will rip them up first
I agree, I tried them and thought it was a total waste of money. My cat teared right through them and it made it harder for her to use the litter because as she dug, she would get plastic pieces caught on her claws.
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but Dulcinea found them to be something she had to try and use to cover up her 'business' with. It was a nightmare. She's spend lots more time in her litter box 'playing' with them and scratching at them and trying to cover up the poop with. A have two large packages of liners if anyone wants them? I'll donate them for the cost of shipping? LOL

fr. gregg
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Oh, I feel your pain as far as using the liners to cover instead of the litter.

I tried liners once, never again.

BUT, when we first brought Elliott in he used the litter box right off the bat but seemed to think that he should throw half of the litter onto the floor while trying to dig.
I got the bright idea to put some plastic grocery bags under and along the sides of the box...I figured I could just pull them out from under the box and dump the litter back in...WRONG!
He decided it would be great fun to pull the bags out from under the box and use those to cover his poop and STILL throw litter all over the floor.

I quickly decided I'd rather vacuum up litter every 10 minutes than have to dig poop covered bags out of the litter box!
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Same here, I initially LOVED the idea of liners, but my kitties did the same thing, scratched and destroyed, leaving little pieces of plastic all over the litter box.

I even tried putting down a piece of cardboard filing folder but they would dig it put. Hmmm, I wonder if a thin rigid plastic board, like one of those cutting boards type would work, you know, the really thin, flexible ones. Or maybe they would dig that up too.

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Well now there's a good idea.
I would think as long as you could get a cutting board that was exactly the right size it just might work...I might have to check into that!
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I've used liners forever for clawed and declawed and plan to continue.

The Jonny Cat liners come in 5 packs and are 2 mil. thick. The Fresh Kitty Liners Jumbo come in 15 packs and are also 2 mil. thick, being a better bargain if you can find them.

Some of the cats do scratch at the tops of the liners, but the boxes stay like new and have not had to be replaced after years of use. I prefer that.
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I use tall kitchen bags with drawstrings as my litter liner. I put the litter pan inside the bag then draw up the drawstring and loosely tie it in a bow or single knot so I can untie it later. When I change the litter I untie the knot and turn the bag inside out to contain the used litter and dispose of the whole thing.

Sometimes Dusty does tear holes in the bag, but it is still easier to dispose of than unlined or even litter liners. Also the tall kitchen bags are much cheaper than litter liners!!
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