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Food suggestions please!

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I have two cats, one is 10 years old, and 15lbs and long hair. She's obviously overweight, and has been for the last 8 years. I also have a kitten, who's 7 months and also long haired. I feed Science Diet Hairball Light, which the older cat has been on for all her life. I can't switch the dry food because the two times I've tried, which I mixed and weened and all, she got UTIs that lasted through four weeks of antibiotics!

My poor older cat also has arthritis and a bone spur. I've recently begun incorporating a can of wet food in the morning, one, because I feel the kitten could use some better nutrition because she's not overweight. My older cat could use something that would make her coat look better- she has dandruff. And the kitten needs something with a serious nutrition punch. Any suggestions, and where I can buy it? I need to keep it under .75 a can.

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Welcome to TCS
I would suggest feeding them all seprately .... senior on senior food ... kitten on kitten

Has the cat lost on the SD light??? If not I know you said no to switching but a SD senior should be okay with her system...

What foods did you try to switch too?>??
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From what I understand, the senior food would cause her to gain weight, because seniors are typically thinner? She hasn't lost weight, but she was on a perscription food for the UTI for two weeks, and she gained weight!! The vet yanked her off it immediately. I tried switching her to Authority, which seemed to have an almost identical label to SD, and I consulted with the vet, who gave me the ok to switch. I also tried to switch her to SD hairball (nonlight) once, to get the kitten some more fat, which also caused a UTI. Jeza (the fat cat)- her spirit is willing, but her body is skeptical.

I leave the SD hairball light out as free choice, and shut the kitten in my bedroom with handfuls of SD kitten once a day for her first 6 months. Vet also gave me the ok to feed her the SD hairball light.

Now I give them a 5.5oz can of wet food once a day, (SD hairball). I'd like to find something nutrition packed that won't make the fat cat gain weight. The kitten is at ideal weight, and her coat is awesome.
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How fast did you make the switch??

I am guessing her body is too used to the VERY HIGH fiber leval in SDlight ...

Senior food has more fat but less protein which older kittys need... has she had a senior panel??
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Both times I switched her very slowly... 25% for the first month, I think! Then 50%, then she was peeing on my curtains!

She has not had any bloodwork done in several years. But she was in at the vets two weeks ago, when they did an xray on her leg for the bone spur. They suggested she lose weight- duh. She barely eats, though. She's just nearly innactive.

Anyways- wet food suggestions!
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let me think...

she needs a senior panel... her lack of loss and tummy issues maybe a senior issue...

califonia natural is basic about 1.30 for a 13 oz can

sensible choice

nutro max senior

iams beef and chn entrees
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Thanks! The next time we're in I'll ask for the panel.
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I like the Purina Naturals, Chicken and Oatmeal. They have some cranberries in it which is good for raising the acidity level of the urine to prevent infection. It's not specifically a diet food though..
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