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Samantha is Home...Im Worried

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Samantha (Sammy) is here! She came home on Saturday, and I must say she brought tears to my eyes. Just GORGEOUS! I will try and post pictures tommorow morning asap!

But she definately brought tears to my eyes because of her physical state. Her coat is dull, she is very thin, and is just in shock. You can still see the place on her leg where they hooked up the IV when they did the spay, her belly is still bare and her incision is clearly visible. I know it is not her foster moms fault, as soon as I told her I wanted her she pulled her from the shelter, but she had already been there for a while.

Her mental well being is what worries me most. I mean she goes from being in a home where she is tolerated, to say the least, to being in a loud and crowded shelter, gets put under and spayed where she wakes up in pain, to being in an indoor home with a bunch of other cats, being poked and prodded (vaccinated) to now being in my home where she is alone and terrified. She is just...sulking. Ceci was never like this, Samantha seems genuinely depressed and im worried about her.

Is this normal?
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Julie, give her some time.... it takes about 2 weeks total for them to make a complete recovery from a spay. It's a major surgery.... just be patient with her....she will come around, and soon "normal" will be the environment that you are providing for her.... poor baby.... sending get well soon & it'll be ok vibes for Sammy
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I think it's a case of putting yourself in Samanthas position as well and wondering how you would be feeling, poor baby

Just take it one step at a time and she'll soon realise that she's safe Have you tried Hissy's trick of sitting on the floor beside her and reading something like a newspaper softly to her?.
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Just love her and I am sure she will be ok, she is probably real scared too.
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It will probably take her a bit to adjust but once she does she will be okay. Just give her time and lots of love when she's ready.
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Just give her time. Even my fearless Zumi acted like that the first week he was here. Now hes back to his monster self. But he found my house terrifying at first. I kept him in one room at first. Once he got comfy in that room I left the door open so he could go in and out as he pleased. It took him another week to get used to the rest of the house. But hes a pain in the butt. I call him 8-Bit Jr. all the time.
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Awww...poor Samantha! I'm sure it's all the upheaval she's been through for the past few days. Give her a few weeks & see how she's doing. If she isn't well by then, maybe a vet visit is in order.
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everyones right here, it might take some time it is taking willie time to re adjust to living here I was also worried because he got lost and we dont kno if someone had him or what and he went back to that shelter with barking dogs and lots and lots of cats and was sick, and its been a few days but hes improving and well after a few hours he remebered me and wanted me to hold him, but he has lived here for the last 8 years ! Although Tessa and Blue adjusted really quick to the new house and Tessa was spayed about a week before we got her she was sooo curious, and Stormie is still a working progress she wont even go downstairs except when everyone else is asleep like my mom and dad and brother Bella she was curios and still is
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