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Carbon Emissions - What are you doing ?

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So theres lots of news items about global warming and how we should all be reducing our "Carbon Footprint" On Sky News they have a reporter thats going to be with a family the whole year to monitor their carbon output and try different ways to reduce it.

We have energy saving light bulbs
we dont leave anything on stand-by anymore
recycle glass/plastic/paper & cardboard

things we are struggling with

aircon units heating car journeys overseas travel

I am sure theres tons more we could do....... any tips folks, what do you do to help ??
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????? no comment then ?????

is no-one bothered
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I'm trying to breathe less...

Seriously, I've been a conservationalist for over 20 years, and it just kills me how everyone is "all of a sudden" freaking out about global warming and low oil supplies, etc.

We are a planet of extremely limited resources, yet civilization seems to prefer to live in denial about it.

I recycle everything I can, I only flush when there are "solids," I ride my motorcycle to work as often as possible to save on gas costs, my thermostat is turned down lower than I like it.

The thing is, though, global warming has been occuring for millions of years - we may be hastening it, but it's just part of the earth's natural cycle. I'm much less concerned about emissions than I am about using up our fresh water reserves and oil reserves. Once they are gone, they are gone, and as a result, so shall we be.
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We try to use energy-saving lightbulbs and appliances, turn off everything that isn't being used, only wash clothes in cold water, and recycle all paper and cans/bottles. I have trouble saving a lot on heating, taking shorter/colder showers, and driving my car less.
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I am trying to get a meeing with my member of parliment to present my ideas about a tax exemption for companies willing to reduce emmisions and impliment more conservation strategies.
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we recycle, use energy effeciant light bulbs. we will eventually use energy effecient appliances when we can afford them we already have some in the house now. we also try to just use one car as much as possible to save gas. we don't leave water dripping/running or lights on when we're away. just simple things like that that add up and make a difference
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i live in an apartment so appliance i can't really do much about but we have energy saving lightbulbs...turn everything off that doesn't need to be on. I take short showers..learned in college with 5 girls sharing 100L water tank that you can't stay in the shower forever. Wet, lather, rinse, out.
recycling sucks here...we need to change that
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We recycle a lot here - the city council encourages people to recycle all the time, and just about everything is recycled. There is also a shop near here called supershed, in which people get rid of their old furniture, or any parts of their house that they removed while remodelling and that can be used again, they are sold at supershed and the money goes towards the environment (I believe).

Pellet fires and heat pumps are encouraged for home heating, my parents have a pellet fire and it is awesome, it burns quite hot and theres almost no emissions, a 20kg bag of pellets will last 2 days if you have the fire going all day and night. It is not bad at all.

I try and take the bus as much as possible, instead of the car, it saves petrol in the long run and it is one less car on the road.

We have eco light bulbs here, apparently they will last 10 years so I will have to wait that long before I find out LOL.

When I brush my teeth, I turn off the tap and turn it on only to wet the toothbrush as needed. There are some old signs around here that say 'Drips Waste Water' and I haven't forgotten that.

That flush only if solids makes me think of the saying 'if its yellow, let it mellow, if its brown, flush it down' I usually follow that rule as well.

We don't have air conditioning here, its not as hot here as it is in the states, so no problem there
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Well....I don't own a car (anymore), for starters. So that leaves me relying on public transportation and my bicycle and the occassional cab to get around.

I use all energy-efficient bulbs, and I turn everything off when I'm not here, including unplugging the TV if I'm going to be out for more than a few hours. I only use a hair-dryer in the winter.

I recycle and try to use products that have been made with recycled materials.

I'm a vegetarian!

I try to buy locally grown, organic foods when it's possible.

I do all of my bills and read all newpapers online to save paper.

I live in a major city.

I don't have a thermostat...I live in a building that uses a communal heating system (old steam radiators) and I have one 5000BTU A/C unit for days when it gets REALLY hot.
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I recycle anything we can. Use energy efficient bulbs and never leave lights on when Im not in the room. Also never leave appliances on. The t.v. is off too. Thats it though. Not much.
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Oh yeah and another thing is using a push mower - it doesnt use petrol at all, just your manpower!
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Energy saving bulbs, recycling papaer/bottles (a new system came in a few months ago where we could recycle more things like polystyrene and yoghurt tubs whereas before those materials weren't allowed) not to do with the emissions but because we are in drought and have lots of fires, we're putting buckets in the laundry sink for the washingmachine greywater and in the showers (obviousely not when were shampooing) or when we wait for the water to get warm to do the dishes. it's making a big difference.
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