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What is she seeing?

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I recently moved. And Singa is of course a bit confused, but I think so far she is handdling it pretty well.
However, she keeps staring into the air as if she was seeing something and she has become very vocal as well.

So not only is she looking at invisible things but also talking to them. It's freaking me out a bit as I live in Singapore and everybody is now telling me that she may be seeing spirits or something... I usually don't believe in this stuff, but I really don't get her behavior...there is really nothing to look at, not even the tiniest insect.....

any ideas?
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I've had cats do the same thing; I think they can sense "ghosts". I know my first cat's ghost has visited me a few times (he was put to sleep (cancer) in early 1980's). One time my resident cats all stopped and stared at the corner of the room. A little later that same day, Mitten visited me by jumping on the bed and laying besides me.

No other cats were in the room - they were all sleeping in the living room!

On the other hand, I've had a few cats that would spot a tiny fly on the ceiling and talk to it - took you awhile to figure out what they were looking yes it could be a small insect.
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A dust mote is another possibility.

Some joke that the cats are actually in contact and talking to the mother ship.
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maybe a Ghost
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My cats have done the same thing in unison before. Someone once told me that cats would runn off anything evil and only allow good things around. I choose to believe that
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It sounds like all these answers are just as 'out there' as the ones you're getting at home. There are no ghosts - the cat is just sniffing the 'new' air, new light and shadow pattern through the window, new smells (for her) of the building, and talking to herself trying to figure out what happened. Their understanding of a sudden move is going to be so different from ours and they need time to process it all and adjust. Don't take it too seriously... my cats often stare at nothing and we haven't even moved!
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She could be seeing dust, insects, hearing mice in the walls or even smelling something from outside. Try to watch closely and figure it out. Don't completely dismiss the ghost possiblity. I grew up in a very haunted house and believe me.. the cats and even the dogs knew. When it would act up badly the animals would growl and run, often demanding to be let outside. I think they were smarter than the rest of us.
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Sometimes they just hallucinate I think. hehe. They can detect the smallest movement even from an extremely tiny nat flying 3-4 feet away whereas I would have to be within 6 inches to see it.
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I don't really believe in ghosts, but you never know. And especially in this country superstition reaches far - from ghosts sitting on your bed to possed little girls who crawl up the walls backwards (and this is something even my boyfriend has seen). After hearing all this I am really getting the creeps.

Singa is really following something with her eyes. She moves her head as if following a fly, but it's too slow for a fly and too fast for a mozzie.

Oh well, I'll just see how it develops. Just hope I can sleep
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The roommate I had in college her cats would do that. But we had a ghost in that apartment (it would make even a skeptic believe). The ghost was a cat.

Anyhoo the IRL cats would always jump up on the dining table and stare at the overhead lamp. It freaked my roommate out. I told her (at the time) that it was dust just to calm her down.
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Originally Posted by x-ta-Z View Post
I don't really believe in ghosts, but you never know. And especially in this country superstition reaches far
I wouldn't have believed either had I not lived through it for over 10 years. While usually it was a bit unsettling, it was rarely frightening (though there was a couple times). Occasionally little things pop in even here, maybe from the nearby cemetery, I think most people would dismiss it but there's a certain 'feel' I recognize now. ...I'm sure everyone thinks I'm crazy now

One thing you might consider checking for, baby spiders, they can fall down on thin webs and are so small they're basically transparent. I've also seen my cats watch cobwebs blowing around on the ceiling. Oh, and little pieces of fuzzy lint floating around too, I usually see these before my cats do though.
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As you are in a new place where there may not have been cats before, there may be mice of birds or insects living inthe walls and ceiling. My four freaked me out here for ages by all staring in unison at a wall or corner, or all suddenly trying to climb up to the ceiling. They even all ran along the wall together once, and tried to 'fight' the wall. But a small bird emerged once from a crack in the wall (sadly a cat got it before I could) and I know there are other things. But when they do it I can't see or hear a thing.
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Both of my cats do this. They can stare at something I neither see or hear for long periods of time. I have heard the thing about being in contact with spirits before but my more rational side believes that it is their keen sense of hearing and smell.
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Personally I think they just do it to annoy us Mine are always staring at something and I can never work out what they're looking at. I think they just fix on a random spot on the wall or ceiling and then see how long it takes to wind up their human slave.
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In mythology cats are the guardians of the underworld.
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Actually, I believe it is dogs.. which myths do you mean?
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