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Where are they now?

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Thought I'd post this in the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care forum, as this was the thread's place of origin...and what a thread it was!

Just wondering if any of you have heard from Jenny (momof3rugrats) about Skittles and her infamously large litter of kittens...it's been so long since we've had an update or any word on how the kittens fared, how Skittles is doing, or if the kittens have been re-homed. I do think that Jenny was keeping some kittens, and some of the others were going to family members, but I'm not sure.

Any word? It was probably one of the longest and epic kitty pregnancies I've ever seen on TCS...and never before have we witnessed such a waiting game! It was better than anything on TV at the time, and I remember being glued to my monitor and keyboard in anticipation of Skittles litter!
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I went back into some of the older threads, and I think the original LOONNNGGG Skittles thread was removed, but the "Skittles Had Her Babies" thread contained 555 posts!!! And the original thread was way longer, I believe!

For those of you with pregnant cats playing the waiting game...I don't recommend you read any of the threads on Skittles. It will make you wonder if you'll have to go through that long ordeal, and for your sake, I hope you don't!
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you mean the *update on skittles* 2000 odd posts on that one i just did a search lol
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I haven't seen her on here for a long time, I think she used to chat with people on yahoo or something, so maybe someone will have some kind of update.
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I was part of the Skittles saga...I had just joined TCS when it happened and I really do wonder what happened to Jenny and the Skittlets...if someone has any info on her/them, I'd really like to know!
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I was just thinking about her. Especially while waiting for Cupcake's kitty to give birth! I think Jenny was going to take a teaching job, so I'll bet she's really busy this year.
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Me too! I came on this site around then, and my Sneakers was preggo at that time. With Cupcake's thread, I was having flashbacks.

I can't remember if I get an e-mail notification when someone PMs me on here, but if it works that way, somebody could PM her screen name on this site and perhaps she'll answer. Or better yet, maybe she has her e-mail or AIM/Yahoo messenger name on there... I would do it, but I don't remember her sn.
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I am here. I just posted an Update on Skittles go check it out while I try to hunt her down to get a good picture
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