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Any ideas?

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Alright, so I have to take Damita & Molly, as well as 4-20 lb. Lab X puppies to the vet on Tuesday. Any brilliant ideas on how to fit them all(in carriers) into my Grand Am? I'm thinking it's a lost cause as Molly & Damita have to remain seperate...& the 4 pups have to ride in one carrier(for my sanity & cuz I don't have enough lil ones)....which just happens to be a Large plastic porter that doesn't fit in my car! Being me....I had the full size van & forget to get two smaller carries(OK, so they're big enough I'd need 4 small carriers) to transport them when I was at the shelter Sat. I can't just leave them loose in my car, either!

Anybody have any good ideas? I don't have either of the dually trucks or the full size van on Tuesday....so those are out of the question! I really don't want to make 2 trips for gas reasons, even if the price has gone down!
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I know you don't want to-but your best bet is to make two seperate trips. They will already be stressed enough- but with yapping pups and the stress of a vets office- a second trip really would be a better option- it would be a lot less stressful for them and easier on you. Sometimes a few extra dollars is worth the pain. Trust me- i transport animals all the time...and i found out the hard way when I tried to take ALL of mine for their vet visit at once to save gas and time- it was a nightmare. So if you can....try to take the pups at one point and the kitties later. Usually- it's easier to take kitties first. They're pretty clever and will catch on to something going on if they go second. So take the cats first...then the pups if at all possible. And if all else fails and you must take them all at once- make sure they are all secured safely in carriers- you don't want any to get loose or escape and get run over. Be prepared to call ahead and ask for assistance to get the animals in and out of your car - you don't want to leave any in there while getting a few out at a time. Also- put blankets over the carriers (but to where they can still breath) to calm them a bit and play soft music in your car on the way there. kitty/puppy treats help too. Also- if you have a long drive- take a shallow tin foil dish pan with you and put a small amount of litter in it just incase the kitties have to do- you can secure it to the back of the carrier with zip ties and a hole punch. *i'm not sure how long a drive you have-but you never know if you'll hit traffic or anything else- it's best to be prepared. I always keep baby wipes, leashes, litter, and plastic sacs, and paper towels in my trunk just in case* Good luck! Try to make two trips if you can.
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Can you reschedule for when you have the van? I know how you feel- I have 4 cats and a dog, all due for yearlies at the same time- and a new vet who is 30 min. away on a REALLY good traffic day! Fortunately, the vet techs are very helpful! (at my old vet, I had to lug them all in myself- and a toddler- the cat carrier is now strapped on a set luggage wheels )
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The trunk?

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See if you can just trade vehicles for a little while to get all the animals to the vet, then trade back.
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Sorry, Natalie, I can't think of anything! good luck though
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Natalie, you'd be surprised how many people really put their animals in their trunk.

I've been begging to trade vehicles, but so far no luck! I have to have all the animals there are 1:30pm tomorrow...that's the only appt. they have oepn until Friday & I can't wait that long for Damita & don't want to wait that long on the pups(still acting a little "weird"). The vet techs already know I'm coming with a zoo, so they'll be ready to help me. I'll hafta see if I can do some trials & get them all to fit in the car....dang I wish i had a bigger vehicle! I'll keep on begging for the van to see what happens. I can be really annoying, maybe they'll give in!
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I hope you can get the van - GOOD LUCK!
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Good luck! I had to transport these 2 dogs for my AC. One was a huge male dog and the other was a large female. They both had to be crated. And I somehow managed to cram 1 x-large crate and 1 large crate into my malibu. LOL I had one in the front seat with me and the bigger one was in the back. Talk about stuffed!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
The trunk?

That's what I was going to say

Can you stick antlers on a couple of them and tie them to the roof??
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