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A new member (and a new kitten)!

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Hello! My name's Jenifer, and I'm fifteen, from Texas. I'm new to the boards. This place seems really cool... I think I'll be frequenting this site. Just thought this would be a good place to introduce myself, seeing as I just adopted a kitten from the local shelter. She, her mother, and two brothers were caught in a live trap (they were trying to catch raccoons!) and brought to the shelter. They all seem well taken care of. My mother thinks the mother is either full or part Siamese, but I'm not sure... pretty, though! The kitten is a female, and has a chocolate colored face. The rest of her coat is a shade of lilac, I believe. We can't bring her home yet, though... she has to stay at the shelter until Friday! I can't WAIT to get her home! I'll have some pictures up Friday afternoon. Oh, and her new name is Parabola. Okay, I'll quit taking up space... bye!
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Hi Jennifer!

Welcome to the Forums! Parabola is lucky you found her! Please post pictures when you get them so we can see what she looks like! What about the other members of her family? Have they gotten homes yet?

Keep us posted on their progress okay?

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She's such a SWEETY! I fell for her right away, though of course I checked out her 'vitals' first... no signs of illness or worms (or fleas! YAY!). I've been checking out some books on cat breeds, and I think she's a Siamese. She's definately seal-point. Adorable!
Her family consists of the mother and two brothers- another seal-point and a smoky black. The mother is a lovely seal-point as well. I think my mom plans to adopt the queen, but the two other babies are still available (I think). There's also a neat, very ACTIVE calico and an onery white and black medium-haired beauty. I didn't get to check the gender on the black and white... it wasn't too sociable. Poor thing! Probably scared out of it's skull. There's a couple more, but I didn't look closely.
I can't wait to welcome her home... I think she'll like it here. The kittens look to be about four weeks old, and are big and healthy. I'll keep you updated!
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Four weeks is pretty young. They should be weaned by 6-8 weeks old. They sound wonderful! I love siamese. I have a siamese mix that was rescued from Puerto Rico with her mom and brother. They all go great homes. My Maya Linn is the happiest kitty I've ever come across. She's never angry, loves to play and purr all the time.
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Welcome JenJen! I'm glad you joined us!

Seeing as this is a welcoming thread, I think I'll move it to the lounge.
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Dear Jen Jen,

Welcome to the site sweetie! It's so exciting and the wait is tooooo long when you expect that kitty..."I want her right now syndrome". I can remember showering all the love on my first new kitten too! Please post pics so we can see too!
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I know what you mean! (About the "I want her NOW," syndrom.) We almost didn't get to pick her up today, because one of the dog-catchers botched the books. We would have had to wait 'till MONDAY. AAARG! I threw a fit and had the guy's boss call him in from home, so we got her anyway. Whoohoo! (I have a REALLY mean scowl when I need to use it!) We brought her home, and on the way she managed to get cat hair on my straw, wedge herself under my seat, steal a french fry, and chew my jeans. Right now she's curled up on my lap, quiet as a mouse. I love her soooo much! I guess she's tired out from playing with the fox terrier (Moxy the devil dog). When she got tired of pouncing the dog and BEING pounced, she'd run and hop in my lap, burrowing down to hide her face. Sweetie! Heehee! She's VERY active, and that accounts (partially) for the horrid picture. The rest to be blamed is the camera... no digital here- had to use netcam. I'll have more Monday, most likely!

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Jen-Jen; She is beautiful, adorable, pur-r-r-rfect and well worth the wait. I know there are many hours of fun to come and years of love. Thank you for sharing the picture and I welcome you to this site. I really miss having a young kitten around. (I may have to do something about that. . . . . . . ) However, right now I do have a new great nephew and he is just about as much fun as a new kitten!
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Thank you all for the wonderful welcome! I never expected such a response. You are all wonderfully kind. Parabola thanks you, too, for your comments. She's sprawled out on my desk right now, slinging her paws at me. Aww! She thinks she needs to taste the internet wires! ... EEE! Gotta keep 'er away from that corner of the room.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's nice to meet both you and Parabola. I'm so happy for you, as your caring and enthusiasm leapt off the monitor and into my lap — where my feline friend Tonya happens to be.

Thank you for sharing Parabola's photograph with us! She's a cutie, for sure. Please keep us informed about yourself and Parabola. I insist!

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Hi, Mr. Cat! I will definately keep you posted on all her firsts. She used the litter box for the first time a minute ago... just a tinkle, and then started playing in the clean stuff!
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Dear Jen Jen,
Parabola's so adorable and so are you! It's such a beautiful thing see your happiness!
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Hi Jen Jen,

She is too adorable. I am also new here and my kitten will only be coming home in July. Wow seems so long to wait. You are so lucky.

I wish you happiness and fun with Parabola.

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Thank you so much. I do feel blessed to have her... last night, she dozed off on the pillow next to me, and when I woke up she was curled up by my throat. When she finishes cleaning her paws, I'm taking her up to meet my Grandmother. Oh great, now she's climbing onto the keyboad. Better go! And thanks again!
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Jen-Jen I am SO glad you have joined us!!!! WELCOME!!!!
Your new kitty is adorable and I look forward to seeing more pictures of her!!!!!
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Welcome Jennifer

i doubt you could find a nicer group anywhere else on-line,
all the people here are special, and caring.
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Hi Jen Jen

I was wondering if you were going to post a pictures of Parabola on the cat pages? She's so adorabale! I've not seen a kittie quite like her.
God Bless Always,
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