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TCS prayers and vibes work

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O my, I really this site, alot of you who know about willie knew he went missing and well i had alot of peoples support on here and he came back, I thought it wasnt looking to good for him because i thought he wasnt going to the bathroom, next thing u know he is fooling all of us, and just goes to the bathroom when theres no one around my mom wanted me to tell u that she says thank you too! We are so happy that willie is going to be fine, everything is looking good then again he is a fighter hes putting some weight on he went from about 10-12lbs down to about 2-4lbs i wanna say !! Good thing he doesnt even want to go outside though, but we are still waiting for the official wills going to be ok when he grabs our labs nose and starts to clean it, the other day the jasmine wanted her head cleaned and willie wouldnt do it so she ended up cleaning him , I am so relieved you wouldnt believe, he hasnt gotten seen by our actual vet yet, but he seen on at the shelter where he was took, and they said he seemed fine but how he was we didnt believe it. but his walking improved in a day and is getting better, and he started eating the next day and appearently pooing and peeing with us not knowing I just wanted to say thank you everyone for putting wills in your prayers and thinking of him, he still has somewhat of a recovery to go but thanx, and pleae keep him in ur prayers still just to be safe What can i say Willie is a fighter and he isnt ready to renounce his crown to anyone in this household yet ! MOD's if i put this in the wrong place, I was just looking for somewhere to say thanx to everyone...feel free to move it !!!!!
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OMG???? How did I miss this???? WILLIE IS HOME????

OHMY!! thats such wonderful news.... I havent even read all your above post cause I am so excited he is home.... OHMY
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