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a little advise?

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well, just a few days ago my cat was walking strange.
i looked at one of his paws and found out that his leg had a small, open cut.
my dad told me it was probably a dog bite.
he then got some alcohol and some peroxide to clean the cut.
then some yellow-like pus liqiud came out of the cut.
his legs looks kind of swollen and dead.
he can move his leg but not his paw.
i wanted to take him to the vet but i dont think i have the money.
what should i do?
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He needs to go to the vet. Most will work with you for payment options. If not you can surrender him to the shelter and they will give vet care. But he does absolutely need to see the vet asap. It may already be too late to save the leg. But at least you can save his life.
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My advice would be to take your cat to the vet.
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Welcome to TheCatSite.

You need to take your baby to the vets. He needs to look at the sore and your baby probably needs antibiotics.

I know this is an expense, but in this case it is necessary.

Let us know how your baby makes out OK?
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Think about it this way, it will be a lot cheaper to have a vet take a look and sell you some antibiotic ointment to treat the infection (the yellow pus indicats infection) then it will be to have to take him to the vet have him sedated ($$$) have his leg amputated ($$$) and for all the meds he will have to be on afterwards (more $$$).

If you tell us your city and state we might be able to help you find a low cost clinic to go to. If not then call your local humane shelter and as if they know of any. Even a dog pound might be able to help you locate a cheap clinic.
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ill tell my dad that he needs to go to the vet.
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Good luck with your kitty. He really needs to see a vet. Antibiotics from the vet really shouldn't cost too much and should fix him right up. Let us know how it goes!
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i live in mesa, arizona
can you find me a cheap clinic?
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If you are not taking him to the vet, you need to open the wound gently and clean out all the infection. use soap and water to start and then rinse with some peroxide. Alcohol burns, I would not do that. After the initial cleaning, wash it out again 12 hours later. and clean it once a day. It should start to heal, if it doesn't look better in a two days, the vet is the answer.
The vet will clean it out and give you an antibiotic. However if he was in a cat fight he could pick up feline leukemia, or any number of other infectious cat diseases.
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thank you so much for the advice
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the cut on the bottom of the picture is almost healed but today i discovered a another injury.
it is much bigger and its opened
my cat keeps licking it and when he doesnt lick it
this watery substance comes out of the cut
what shoul i do
ive asked my dad if we could takehim to the vet but we have to wait a few days.

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Ok. Have you Dad go ahead and make an appointment with the vet. In the meantime, take a cotton ball, put peroxide on it and gently wipe the sore. Have a dry cotton ball ready so you can dry the sore when you're done. It almost sounds like an abcess. They open anywhere and they ooze. Panthers oozed clear and sometimes a light greenish color. It does sound like your cat got a puncture wound from somewhere or something. I would still take him to the vet, though. Good luck and let us know how your kitty does.
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That is an abcess, and it probably hurts like h***. The vet probably needs to tranquilize your cat, open it up and clean it out, it's not something that will heal on its own and it's probably not something you can treat at home. What you see running out is pus, and it's full of bacteria. He could very well lose his leg or his life if he doesn't medical treatment.
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