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rearing up like a horse

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does anyone else's cat do this? she looks like the Lone Ranger's horse silver.. it's a hoot.
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No but um..wheres a pic! You gotta post a pic of that. It sounds adorable.
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Chay will sit on his back legs like a squirrel whenever he's trying to look somewhere he wants to jump. Billy will do sort of a rear up thing when he wants to pounce, but he's more like a fox than a horse.
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Had one cat who resembled a bear when he'd rear up and walk.
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Elliott does that all the time.
He hides around the corner until one of the other cats comes out of the room and he stands up on his hide legs and bats his front feet at them.
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You should watch the UTUBE video , I think it's Funny Cats.... theres a couple of kits doing silly "hi ho ranger" effects
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my tuxedo girl, ruby, does that! usually, it's so she can reach fabric (tablecloth, jacket hanging on the back of a chair) to rub her face against. but lately, she's started doing it just because. and she's a moose: she does it against the back of my knee, and if i'm not expecting it, my leg starts to go out from under me.
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Radar does this thing where he sits looking up at me as if he wants to be picked up (he does like being picked up when he's in the right mood for it!) and then he'll wait until my hands are 2 inches from him then his head goes back, his front legs come up, and he's off like a racehorse out of the starting gate - did it to me yesterday and it made me laugh for hours, the sight of him rearing up and racing off He has such a gleeful little expression on his face when he does it too, it's as if he's thinking 'HA HA fooled you, made you bend down for nothing' My cat is insane
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Hobbs does that when he is about to pounce on one of his toys..its hilarious indeed
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