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worry wart

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Hey everyone. I just wanted to publically tell all of you that I am a worry wart. It all started this am after I stopped at the vets for some feal meds so my one cat(Twig)can go outside on occassion on a leash. ANYWAY. here's the rest of the story:
On the directions, it says to put the stuff between the shoulder blades, but I did this and lo and behold Rocket starts to lick it off as soon as I put him down. So I check the box for warnings, there is one for humans nothing for animals. OK, so I call the vet, the nurse tells me to watch out for him doing anything out of the ordinary. Feed him and that's all you can really do.
SO I am freaking and I call S/O crying that I just poisoned the cat. He tells me to call the Frontline number. SO here I go trying to be professional sounding and not like a weepy crazy lady, telling them what happened. Julie, the rep told me that there is really nothing toxic in Frontline. I tell her what the vet says,and she tells me that the only reason it would disorientate him is because it contains Ethanol alchcol which she said is a form of drinking alchcol. SO I am, watching and lo and behold, Twig and Luna start to clean themselves where I put the frontline. SO I call the vet and make an appt just to be sure. Needless to say, "hello, my name is Barb, and I am a worry wart".
They all are ok. I was just worried because they were acting different(or I guess I thought they were.) I'm just glad everything turned out ok. I'd rather go thru life being called a worry wart, as opposed to having something happen to one of my cats.
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Oh, don't worry-I'm a worry wart too. Several weeks ago, Ivo was sitting on the back of the couch when she started rubbing her eye. After catching her (chasing her just made her more upset), I found she had a red bump on her lower eyelid. I nearly drove her to the emergency vets that evening, because the thought of her losing her sight...

The next day, I call my vet and make an appointment. Mind you, her eye already looked much better but I was taking NO chances. Two days after that (so 3 after the incident) the vet declares it was most likely a bug bite and that there was no treatment necessary. I apologized for being overprotective Mommy, but the vet just laughed and said "We much rather you be overprotective than wait until nothing can be done". So, as far as I'm concerned, my vet herself has given me full permission to be a worry wart.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Glad to meet a fellow worry wart!:laughing2 :laughing:
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Count me as one, too. When I first joined up here, I was constantly hovering over Trent and Ophelia to make sure they didn't have any the stuff talked about here. I saw them scratching their ears and freaked out because I thought they had ear mites. No, just normal itching. I don't even know how many times I've *thought* I've seen something going on, but when I ask hubby he just pats me on the head (figuratively) and reassures me that he hasn't seen anything change.
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I had a similar experience with frontline on my oldest kitten. I put it between the shoulder blades and as soon as I set her down she started licking it. She stopped because it apperantley tasted horrible. Then she started foaming/slobbering at the mouth, her eyes got watery, muscles in her back started to spasm. I called the vet, they say bring her in. They watched her for a few hours and sure enough, she started having fits again after another lick at the area. They gave her a shot and a bath. I put it on the upper part of their necks now.

My g/f is a hypochondriac. She has been in tears several times in our dealings with our sick kittens.
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