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Umm just wandering....

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My kitten is about 6 weeks and i was wandering how much averagly would the vaccinations cost.I have to give him them in the next month.
Im in the uk in suffolk and we have a good local vet nearby.

I just need a rough estimate
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The prices vary...I would call your vet to get an estimate.
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depends on the vet but you can also check with the local ASPCA or Humane Society for low cost vaccinations, i know our humane society offers them at 5 for rabies and 7 for the D one, some areas even have mobile vaccination clinics that do them low cost to. Be easier to help ya if we knew what area you were in.
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I can't remember exactly how much a full course costs as Mosi had had his when I got him and it's 9 years since Jaffa had his intitial course. I pay about £25 for a booster though, so the intial course of 2 injections is probably about £35-£40? Ring a few vets to get prices as there can be quite a lot of variation. A lot do a kitten package which includes vaccinations, flea treatment, worming, microchip and neutering for less than they'd cost separately so you might want to ask about that.

As you're in the UK I would recommend that you get pet insurance. A lot of people on here in the US don't rate insurance but policies over here are much better and the time to take it out is when they're young and have no pre-existing conditions. Good ones to look into are petplan, M&S and Sainsburys. I think M&S have a no excess option. although it wont cover stuff like vaccinations and neutering, it will cover any unexpected vet bills.
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My vet charged £56 for the complete course - ie. the initial shots and the boosters 3 weeks later. Things do tend to cost a bit more in London because of high rents, business rates, and higher staff costs. We had to pay the whole lot up front. I would try phoning local vets now to check, so that you have time to save up for it. It won't be a vast sum of money
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We pay £37 for initial vaccinations - I agree that it's best to phhone the vet as they will be able to giveyou the exact price (especially as we're all so spread around the country!)
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thanks everyone ill probably ring them veryyyy soon
I dont like micro chipping. I just prefer the cat to have some freedom
if he wants to run away he wants to run away and im not going to stop him.
The prices seem very slow i thought they would be somewhere in the £100
Ipswich where i live is a quite average place so i dought it would be high.
Thanks and when exactly should i get them
My kitty is 6 weeks
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Originally Posted by raju View Post
I dont like micro chipping. I just prefer the cat to have some freedom
Bear in mind that cats sometimes get lost. A microchip may mean the difference between him being reunited with you and being put to sleep. A microchip wont' inhibit his freedom but it may save his life.

Kitties usually have their first vaccinations at about 9 weeks and 12 weeks, but best check with your vet. 6 weeks is awfully young to be away from his mum, bless him. It's probably a good idea to get him registered with a vet asap and take him along for a vet check as he may well have fleas and worms - almost all kittens do. You can then discuss with the vet what he needs in terms of vaccinations, worming, neutering etc. and when he needs to have everything done.
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