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Won't eat

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We went to the vets Almost 2 weeks ago, and he suggested that we'd move to diet food with our cats. Casper is 6,8 kg's and Kitty 4,9 kg's. We're mixing them Hill's Light with the rest of the dry food we had. (We've never given Hill's before). Now, Kitty really doesn't have problems eating when these 2 foods are mixed, but she tried to pick the old food first, not the Light food. Well, at least she's eating. Can't say the same about Casper... for the past 3 days he hasn't eaten much, and whatever he ate today, he threw up. Is it just that he doesn't like the Light food? Vet checked them out completely and told us they are as helthy as cats can be, so I don't think it's a health problem then. We also used to give Casper and Kitty wet food everyday, a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening. Now they only get a bit on saturday & sunday mornings. Casper loves wet food, and I mean loves it, but we can't afford to buy tins after another of that Light food. So, we have dry food (tuna flavour, other choice was chicken which they hate).

ok, my point? Well, I'm just sick to my stomach and my heart is breaking because Casper doesn't eat. For the past 3 days he has just been sleeping, doesn't play with his sister, doesn't do his normal stuff (like talk to me etc.). I'm getting really worried, and I mean REALLY worried. Been crying my eyes out all evening because of him.

Has anything like this happen to you when switching foods? I sure hope I'm not the only one.
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Oh hon, I am so sorry. I have no advice for you but I can wish you the best of luck and cross my fingers and toes that he will start to eat.
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I can't give you a lot of help, but I think you should call your vet and talk to him/her about Casper. Also ask if you should bring Casper to the clinic for another examination. According to what you said in your post Casper's behavior has changed. A change in behavior could mean that he is ill. Poor Casper, please let us know how he is doing.
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For now, I would get them back on thier normal brand. The not eating and the vomit could be that he doesn't tolerate the Hills. If the food you have been feeding makes a light formula, it will work much better for them. Anytime they go without eating, it can cause serious liver damage.
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