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Please keep Tiffy and Kirra in your thoughts

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Well I had made an appointment for Tiffy with my vet for tomorrow and now i am really glad i did. Tiffy appears to have a respritory infection (sneezing , running eyes) but today at 2pm i decided to take boths temps(Kirra had started throwing up yesterday) Tiffy has a fever of 104.8 and Kirra 104.3, we are keeping a close eye, at 8am i will call the vet and see if i can get em in earlier, they are scheduled for 3:30pm. My poor babies look so pitiful.
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Sending prayers from Mississippi, I hope they get to feeling better.
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Tiffy & Kirra are in my thoughts and prayers
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I'll keep them and you in my thoughts and prayers.
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It is so hard with our babies are not feeling well.
Lots of healing vibes coming your way for sweet Tiffy & Kirra.
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Get well vibes for {({({({({(Tiffy and Kirra)})})})})}
for you
I hope they are feeling better real soon.
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My biggest worry tonight is gonna be Kirra with her seizures, I am hoping that the fever wont trigger another one, she hasnt had one since Novemeber. They look so miserable, is there anything i should do till tomorrow to help em stay comfy? do they need to be kept warm or cool? I have never dealt with fevers , with temps the only experiance i have is when they drop to low, not go to high. Both are still very hydrated thankfully.
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I think that just keeping things calm, quite and a normal room temperature would be good.
Do you have an emergency plan in case there should be a down turn and you need a vet right away?
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Oh Sweetie, Im sorry to hear your girls are not feeling well. I will keep them both in my thoughts and prayers. Like xocats says have a plan ready just in case you need to get them in before the AM. Good luck and keep us updated
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Yeah we have a local emergancy vet, but even my vet has said, unless i can not what so ever hold out till 8am take that cats but if i can dont cause they will charge you $70 just to say yup thats a cat. but we do have them to goto if it takes a bad turn. The girls fever's broke around 7:30 this evening and they are up and about, kirra is playing in the playhouse right now, tiffy sneezing as she watches. Seems the day is the worse for them (kind of like kids with croup, night is worse, day you never know they are sick lol) i will let yawl know what the vet says.
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Vibes are on the way and my fingers are crossed.
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When mine had a cold, I made them a big pot of chicken soup and fed it to them everyday until they were better
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More {{{healing}}} vibes for Kirra and Tiffy. I hope the vet can see them early. Hugs to all.
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I am sending calming ride to the vet vibes.
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Just got back from the vets office. Both have URI, Tiffy's a bit worse than Kirra's. They gave em both a shot of antibiotic and than clavamox for 7 days twice again (poor kirra JUST did this last month for a gastro infection) and Tiffy has eye ointment as well since her URI also is causing conjunctivitus in her eyes. Other wise all else was good, fever stablized, just a hair under 103. Tiffy was neg on fecal check so thats good. Its funny they are 1 month apart and 1lb apart, Tiffy weighed in at 7.9 and Kirra 8.9.

Thank yawl for the good vibes, i am glad we got em in when we did.
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Poor babies.
It is good that they have a diagnosis and are on treatment.
Healing thoughts are on the way.
Of course I will watch for your updates.
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So glad your kitties are going to be ok. Sending positive vibes that they get better soon.
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I just saw you post; hope Tiffy and Kirra feel better soon. Will keep them in my prayers.
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Heres whizzing some health, happy get well soon >>>>> vibes <<<<< to your kits.
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I'm so happy to hear that your sweet babies are going to be okay.
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Good to hear Kirra and Tiffy have been diagnosed and are on meds. {{{Get well soon}}} vibes are on the way.
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Continued feel better vibes for your baby girls
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How are your sweeties feeling?
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Well Kirra got sick a bit ago but thankfully she had had her pill almost 2 hours prior. Tiffy is still mee, Kirra goes to see if she is ok and all you hear is growling and hissing (even though on thursday before Tiffy showed the illinous she wanted to play with Kirra and kirra was the hisser). Her eyes i think are the biggest issue for her, they are just a running and she gets the oitment every 4 hours which makes em goopier. I hope to have peace in the house by next weekend lol. They are both laying on the couch, opposite ends but hey no growling. ROFL
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Did they both have blood work done when you first got them?
If not, that is something that you might consider doing, so that you have a baseline panel and also rule out basic feline diseases.

Lots of feel better fast vibes are on the way.
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Tiffy has had blood work and Kirra as well (Kirra is my seizure kitty) Tiffy was tested for the standard blood deseases from the humane society, first in sept before she was adopted the first time and than again this year when they brought her back before we got her. Kirra had blood work done with her first siezure back in October. The humane society has a bad case of URI going around, my vet said he has already seen at least 5(including Tiffy) from there with it.
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I am relieved that they have ruled out the typical serious kitty diseases.
I should have known...
you are taking such good care of them.
Poor little sweeties.
I bet that you are worn out.
I am sending extra energy vibes to you.
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