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My 'new' addition

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As some of you know, I lost Pebbles just over a month ago, which meant I only had one permanent cat, and my max is 2, so it did leave me with a bit of a gap. I had a 13yo foster who I didn't think was going to find a new home as she isn't very people friendly (not vicious, just dont think she is used to love and affection), so I decided that as I love her to bits and she seems happy here, I should adopt her. The paperwork was signed today, so she will have to have 2 birthdays, one for when she came, and one for when she was adopted. Ironically, today would have been Pebbles' second anniversary of being here, I know she would be pleased that another babe had a guaranteed home. Some pics

And one of my two girls

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Aww she is a cutie /....
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Congratulations on adopting the cat you foster!

I would be afriad to foster as I probably would adopt every cat I took in!

she's a adobrable though!
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Good deal! You get another kitty and that one gets a furver home that she already knows.
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Awww congrats.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
I would be afriad to foster as I probably would adopt every cat I took in!
yeah, me too!!

she's really cute. congrats!
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Congratulations, Pebbles is proud of you
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Tiger looks very content and happy about being 'home' forever
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Aw, that is great news Very cute pics!!
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What a wonderful way to honor Pebbles memory.
Pebbles would be pleased that you have opened your heart to this 13 year old sweetie pie.
What is her name?
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XO - can't believe I forgot her name off!! She is called Tiger, and she might not be a friendly, affectionate lap cat, but I love her, and have done since she came, she was crying all the way here, so I was crying too (not good as I was driving!!), the poor thing had been with her owner since she was a kitten, and after 13 years he wanted her pts for no good reason, so her whole world and everything she knew had gone, and to be honest, I am glad that I can give her a forever home, I honestly dont think with the kind of cat she is and why she came into a rescue that she would have tolerated a new home again - even putting a cage in my front room is enough to make her go and hide upstairs. I can't see her ever being affectionate, as we have 13 years of whatever (her owner said he coudn't stroke her, I have been able to do from day 1, so I suspect he didn't bother with her) to break down, but I dont care, she will let me have short fusses, and interacts with me, and if that is all I ever get, then I can cope with that (just can't stop fostering, I need lap cats some way!!) I think Pebbles would be proud - my dream is to help as many oldies as I can, and between adopting and fostering, I have helped 11 in 4 years, I hope the numbers keep increasing.

Lunasmom and Crazycatperson - She is only the 2nd foster I have adopted in 2.5 years and out of 26 cats/kittens - and they have only been adopted as they are the kind of temperament that doesn't tolerate change well, and coming into a rescue at the age of 13 was hard enough on them, without making them deal with another change - Molly had been in the rescue centre for nearly a year cos things prevented me taking her for 8 months, and she was so depressed that we didn't think she had long left - 13 months later, she is currently rolling round the bed chasing her tail and playing with the toy Sarah bought, and is still eating well. I am hoping her blood tests this week show her organs are still good for her age. I think fostering helps me to deal with the emotional aspect of me only adopting oldies, I get the pleasure of having young, playful, affectionate cats, and also the satisfaction of knowing that they have a wonderful home thanks to me - and without bragging, some of the cats I have fostered would have had such a worse life without me, some wouldn't have even ended up in a rescue environment to get that chance.
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Welcome to your loving forever home sweet Tiger.
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That is about the swewetest thing I have ever heard. I hope she gets to be the sweet lap cat you want her to be. You never know. I went 2 years since Fred died without a lap cat, adopted 2 more cats, none of the 4 were very affectionate. Now just in the past few weeks all 4 of mine are suddenly big cuddle bugs. I don't understand it, but I'lll take it. Sending out big vibes to you and her to bond and be happy together.
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Awww! Congratulations on the new fur baby!
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Congratulations on adopting Tiger!
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Now I've got that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I just love it when foster parents are able to adopt their foster cats(or dogs). A cat like Tiger is lucky to have found you to live out the rest of her days. After 13 years she most certainly didn't deserve to be pts!
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what a cutie pie!!!
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Krazy Kat2 - I don't think she will ever be a lap cat, I think 13 years is too much to break down - she has slept just touching my leg once, and that was cos I used a blanket she likes, and I have curled round her once (again, same blanket) - so I think if I constantly cover myself with the blanket I might get her touching my leg, but it is the blanket she is doing it for, not me!!
Thanks everyone else - and White Cat lover, no, she certainly didn't deserve to be pts, she seems a healthy enough cat, we will find out just how healthy in a couple of weeks cos I need to sort her insurance out and then get her blood tested.
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What a sweet little lamb Tiger is...even if she isn't, well, sweet! At least not yet! She may not ever be a bonafied lap cat, per say, but she will definitely continue to warm up to you in time. It's sad that after 13 years, this is probably the first time anyone was actually interested in giving her real affection. Give it some time...she'll settle right in, and most likely surprise you. Those seniors usually do!

Oh, and what a marvelous thing you've done for her...hugs to you for having such a big heart!
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Yay! Tiger is officially part of your family!
Sorry I wasn't on yesterday, computer issues!

Tiger really is a lot friendlier than her ex owner made her out to be! She took some fusses from me too, which is brilliant and I think shows how happy she is with her new forever home!

I know Pebbles will be smiling down on you both knowing that you've opened your heart to another oldie
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Originally Posted by wookie130 View Post
It's sad that after 13 years, this is probably the first time anyone was actually interested in giving her real affection.
Oh, and what a marvelous thing you've done for her...hugs to you for having such a big heart!
That's what I find so sad - and as Sar says, she isn't like her owner made her out. Thanks - I just hope she appreciates having this as her forever home.
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she is going to love having you as her new meowmy i couldn't think of a better home for her!!!
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Congratulations to you and Tiger. You are so lucky to have found each other. And Tiger is an adorable girl.
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Congrats!!!! She's a honey
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Congratulations to you both

Tiger looks very contented there. I'm sure she'll be very happy with you.

I really dont' understand some people. How can you have a cat for 13 years and develop no emotional bond with them?
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Awwwww isn't she lovely!!!

I'll move this to fur pics for you
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Thanks everyone - I can't understand how this bloke could ask for that after so long, but sadly it isn't a one off situation, but thankfully for them, there are good vets who wont do it, and there are people like me who will give them that second chance - she didn't come here to stay though!! It is really odd how I seem to like these temperamental old tabbies, and I have really wanted to keep her from day one, but couldn't have done it much sooner, but at least she has been here and been loved. It has been a bit tinged with sadness though, the only reason I could adopt her is cos I lost Ginger and Pebbles, and the money for her adoption fee (and blood tests) has come from PEbbles' last insurance claim, it was a bit hard writing the slip to put that cheque in my bank earlier.
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