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Been MIA lately.....

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Sorry I have been missing lately. This has been the busiest couple weeks! I haven't even posted since Christmas! I don't have a ton of time to let everyone know what has been going on. School has been really rough and I am starting to struggle as it is becoming a self-learn class. You can't really do that when you have a HUGE board exam coming up the first week of May. It sucks so that has been taking up a ton of time. My Christmas program at work went really well. My kids were PERFECT! I will have to try to burn the DVD to my computer to show you guys. Well I am off to spend time with my sister.

Missed you guys!
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How DARE you not post?

JK/ Glad your back
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welcome back!!!
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Hopefully things will calm down and you'll be able to post more.
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Sounds like you've been extremely busy!
How are you enjoying school, tho?

Lets hope things slow down a bit so you can get to that wedding planning!
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We missed you too. Welcome back!
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Great to hear from you, again!!!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back.
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Nice to hear from you... We forgive you but make sure you come back and check in when you have time. I really glad everything went well for you. Kindof off topic but did Oscar recieve his little package in tack? Kitters was worried for him!
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Welcome back
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