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Bath Time With No Water :D

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Saw somebody else who had pictures of there cat in the bath and reminded me that I had some

Max and Billy sneaked in the bathroom the other day after my dad had cleaned the bath out.

My baby Max


More to come in a sec.
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More Billy

Both of them

As you could probably tell. I LOVE taking pictures
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Very handsome boys! I understand the fondness for taking pictures! I think most of us do!
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Great photos and Billy certainly had his eye on something, but what, well its one of those cats things again..........
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Billy looks so much like my Lynx. Even the brown-orangey color on the tummy!
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You have beautiful boys.
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Billy and Max are really beautiful cats
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Thanks for all the comment guys
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Your cats look shiny and healthy! And your tub: oh, my gosh! It's so clean! Not a speck of soap scum and it's totally shining. How do you do it?
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They are so handsome! What is it with kitties and bathtubs?

PS. I like your tub/shower!
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Awwwwwww they both are so handsome
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Wow, they are both so majestic looking
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Handsome as usual
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Awww Look how cute those babies are!!

Mine love the bath too!
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awe that is soo cute...what is it with bathrooms and cats those pics are soo adorable tho
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Those two look like a trouble-making team! So cute and curious.
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