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We just found his stash!

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My electric radiator was hooked up to the same circuit as the refrigerator, and it started tripping the breaker, so we decided to move the heater to another wall plug behind the stove.

So my roomie pulled the stove away from the wall, and there were over 30 different toys stashed away under there!

Balls that jingle, hard plastics balls with bells, soft fuzzy ones that rattle, little foam ones that look like golf balls, mylar fish and bird toys, some dental chew toys, one plastic "bendy" straw, one blue water bottle cap, one tinfoil ball, one foam eyeball from an unknown toy, and many, many, MANY little black, white and gray fuzzy mice, with tails of varying lengths.

I put them all back into the toy basket at the top of the kitchen cat condo, and Ferris will just have to do it all over again. But I think he'll enjoy himself and won't be too peeved at us for cleaning him out.

Edit: As I submit this, I can hear him even now, tossing toys off the top of the condo - I can hear fuzzy mouse bodies hitting the linoleum.
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I love it!! Little hoarders
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My boys are the same way, I should move the chair/couch and see how many of their toys I can find! Its like Christmas time for them all over again!
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LOL that's too cute.
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Sounds like he has some hoarding issues he needs to work through
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i havn't found my kittie's stash yet...i swear they hide them so well so that they can complain that they dont have enough, so i can get more!
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Be glad he hasn't been hiding bananas or undies. (8-Bit's habit)
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thats to cute. Ping has some missing right now that I have yet to find.
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LOL! TOoooooo Funny!
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I woke up this morning to find mice scattered all over the kitchen floor.
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Fuzzy mouse boddies hitting the lenolium makes me think of that WKRP in Cincinatti episode "Turkeys are plummiting to the earth like wet bags of cement... oh the humanity.... As god is my witness I thought turkey's could fly!"
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Oh - and I forgot to mention the floater.

One very soggy black furry mouse was floating in the water fountain.
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I did a major cleaning of my living room yesterday and I too found a stash. At least 30 toys, at least 30 jawbreakers that Louie stole from our ginger bread house, 3 gum drops, a plastic needle for knitting, a ball of fushia "bling bling" yarn, daddy's orange hunting hat, wrappers, a pack of batteries, enough cat hair to make 3 new cats, 4 hair ties, 2 bobby pins, some antenna type thing, a wire hanger, and enough dust bunnies to eat each of the cats...
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I cleaned the basement yesterday & Damita was so mad when she got let loose again! I have moved her entire stash...every single noisy toy downstairs....& spread them around. That's like 100 toys! She was furiously moving them right back to where they belonged! It was hilarious to watch & all the toys were "gone" this morning!
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