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sprained finger

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Lastnight I was moving a treadmill with my friend, when i woke up this morning I realized that I sprained my thumb. I've sprained my pinky before so I know what a sprain feels like, anyway this really sucks cause I cant do anything with my right hand cause my thumb hurts.

Should I go to the medical supply place and get something to keep me from moving it? Or do I leave it alone? Im scared if i leave it alone I'll keep trying to use my right hand out of habit, like when i picked up my coffee mug just now I almost dropped it cause i forgot about my thumb, it only hurts when i move/use it.

Im trying to avoid the doctor, he will probly just tell me not to use it and splint it some way, but splinting a thumb is kinda hard. What should i do?
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Shouldn't a sprain just go away on its own?
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I sprained my finger last fall and it hurt soooo bad, luckily I was back home and my aunt is a nurse and she had some supplies, but she gave me a medical splint that held it in place so I couldn't move it. It helped and it healed quickly!
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