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What is wrong with my Cat?????

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My boyfriend and I got a VERY long haired kitten about 6 months ago, "she" was 8 weeks old at the time. We were told it was a female and due to its long hair had no reason to suspect otherwise. We named her Frankie. We have both had female kittens and cats before and since we got her have continuously said that she was different then the cats we've had...i.e- not cuddley, always biting and when we would use a spray bottle to train her she would literally try to stand up to us and fight back. Well, months go by and starting a month ago all of a sudden "she" stopped covering her pee in the littter box and the stench was/is so strong we have to open the windows. She somehow got fleas and the first attempt at de-fleaing her failed so we decided 2 shave her before using the shampoo again. After her hair cut, while bathing her this time around we found out that she is not a she. She is a he. He is not fixed and is an indoor cat but bolts 4 the door every time we open it. Recently he has started howling for hours on end in the middle of the night. We are planning on getting him fixed but we are financially incapable of doing it right now. Are these mating calls???? Will he start spraying in our house even if we arent in contact with other animals? Does getting him fixed help with his behavioral issues????

Any answers 2 these questions are greatly appreciated. We have called local animal shelters that advertise low income spaying/fixing but have got no replies for weeks.... PLEASE HELP WITH THESE QUESTIONS. WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF GIVING HIM AWAY AND DON'T WANT TO RESORT 2 THAT!!!!!!! Thanks, and sorry 4 the lengthly post...
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All these problems will be solved as soon as he is fixed. He is almost sexually mature and is looking for a mate and giving out all the symptoms of a growing male cat. He is spraying to guard his territory from other males, and to let females know he is there, and is desperate to get out and mate. Spraying can become a habit if he is not fixed soon, and As you have found, it is pretty awful. Keep trying with the low cost clinics in your area. It is much cheaper to have a male done than a female. I do hope you can get it done as soon as possible.
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We thought Billy was a she but after a week for out she was a he. lol

Billy tried to mate with Max before he was fixed and once we saw him do it we were like 'He's needs to go for the chop' He was old enough so it was ok. Since then his attitude has changed a bit.
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I would keep pestering the low cost neutering shelters.

Actually I would call the shelter that you got him from and complain. Bring back your paperwork because if the paperwork says "she"s fixed, you paid for a fixed cat and they should have him fixed.

Otherwise if none of the above works, call around to vets and see if anyone will do a payment plan to get him fixed. The cost for fixing him won't be over $100.
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Thanks everyone 4 ur answers.... we obviously need to get him fixed asap. He actually hasnt sprayed yet but now im guessing its coming in the near future....
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Doesn't really matter is she turned out to be a he, cats can be safely speutered from 8 weeks or 2lbs.

Here's a link to low cost and free neutering, perhaps there's some here you haven't tried yet.
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Sex and hair length have nothing whatsoever do to with each other. Sounds like you have a male no doubt. It can be hard on a long haired cat especially to tell the difference at that young age. Poor kitten should have still been with it's mother at 8 weeks old.

But anyway, you know what you need to do. Obviously you cannot give your cat away until you do the one thing you need to do to help solve the problems. I am sure you didn't mean that, right? If it was done long ago, he never would have developed the stinky pee and the urge to run out the door, but since he was allowed to mature you have to deal with the consequences. Didn't the vet notice she was actually a he?

If you give us your city and state we can help you find a low cost clinic to get him neutered asap.
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