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My Attack Cat

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When Cats Attack:
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Aww, she/he is sooo pretty
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she is pretty.....funny video
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I love how her tail curls as she walks.
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I didn't see much of an "attack" unless you would call it an attack of love. She is a very pretty and very sweet looking cat.
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What a cute video, your kitty is adorable
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What a precious "meow"!
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that was soooo cute and that little meow
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You were certainly being well stalked!
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boy, look at that tail go!
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Nice, graceful tail action!
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The music with that video is perfect!
And the little mew is adorable. What a sweetheart!
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ROFL with the music i was just wanting for POUNCE, rofl i was laughing like mad at the end. So cute
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