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What a game!

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I thought I would have to share my dear Sooty's latest escapades with everyone...

He managed to get himself locked inside a neighbours house for 2 days and nights without water or food. I found him in there after about 12 hours but i couldn't get him out and the neighbours weren't due home for a week.

They haven't been there long and they hadn't got a spare key for me but they also forgot to leave a contact number. They did say they had checked for cats before they locked up but I guess he must have been hiding. He is very friendly and does love to visit people.

I spent hours searching on the internet for them and eventually managed to track them down via a mobile phone company.

I had the RSPCA out and they called the Fire Brigade who couldn't break in without the police. And guess what? The police weren't interested! (I am getting used to this...)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we eventually helped Sooty to escape after finally contacting the neighbours. Apart from being very hungry and thirsty, he is fine!

It caused me more grief than him in the end!
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Poor Sooty! (When you mentioned the name "Sooty" I first thought of that now-famous guinea pig with the same name.) What an ordeal for all concerned! Well, I'm happy for the both of you that Sooty has now been rescued. At least he was "safe," insofar as he was in a nearby house. But it sounds all a trauma, nonetheless.

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Oh my gosh! I'm sure glad Sooty is okay! That must have been awful for you!!!!!!!!
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I'm glad all is well now. We've had a bit of a scare with Mishmish this weekend. We usually have both cats in for the night, but she didn't come home yesterday evening and we didn't see her anywhere today. So this afternoon we went around the neighborhood calling for her (a bit embarassing because her name means apricots in Hebrew - the neighbors probably thought we went mad ). She finally showed up next to one of the houses as if nothing happened. I suspect she went to visit that neighbor, got a nice dinner and decided to spend the night there....

Scatcat, I watch "animal hospital" and "animal police" and I was under the impression that the RSPCA is very effective in these cases. That they bring the police and make them break in. It's always like this on TV. We're always amazed by the care the animals are given by the RSPCA, fire brigade and police in these TV shows. Not to mention the vets at the animal hospital. They would operate on an injured rat if you bring them one. I once saw them operate on a goldfish! They put anasthetic in its water!! They also treat strays with the most expensive procedures regardless of whose going to pay the bill. Well, I guess real life is just not like what they show on TV
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They are no way near as good as TV implies, we had a horribly injured cat wandering around near our house (Road accident). We rang the RSPCA but they wanted nothing to do with it. We ended up taking the poor thing to the vets ourselves where he had to be put down.
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That's not fair as I guess they get a lot of donations from people all over the world following these shows.Maybe this money should go to better caring organizations?
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