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New Points System on TCS

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Soon to come is the shop where you can spend your points and purchase cool stuff, virtual gifts for other members, ribbons to wear next to your username, and upgrades to your username and your threads!

For now, we start by installing the points system, which lets you gain points to your account. So, how do you get the points?

Post! It's as simple as that, for each post you get 5 points. Please, let's keep to the usual post quality - keep your posts relevant and to the point (no pun intended )

Join as a premium member - buying a subscription gets you 1000 points right away, plus you get on the TCS payroll and get 500 bonus points every Monday after you've joined!

Refer a friend - ask your friend to put your username down in the referral box in the registration form and you get 1000 points for bringing a new member to our community. (Referring a friend or family member from the same computer is not allowed.)

This is a fairly complicated system, so please bare with us as we sort everything out. If you notice any problems, please do post here to this thread!
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The shop system has been turned on as well. You need to have enough points to start using it though Once you do, there's plenty of fun things to do with your points. But... please do not "spam" the board with posts just to get points! We'll keep an eye on that and may actually penalize for "drivel" posting just to get points.
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All currently intended vbplaza shop features are working as of now, except for points showing in post headers within threads when a different forum skin is used other than default. Danny is working on this.

Features in the vbplaza menu that are currently intended not to work are:


All the other links in that menu should be working.
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Just an added note - we are tweaking and changing things in the system the whole time. Prices, points per post, all is being considered. New changes will be announced here, but you may be quick enough to notice them even before a formal announcement is made
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