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Firstly, I'd thank to thank those who responded to my first inquiry about this.

Now, my question is, whether it is possible to discourage and redirect this method of affection or request for attention, because when her teeth contact my skin, I get a pretty bad allergy reaction.
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In my case, Ivo seems to have grown out of it. Maybe you can focus petting on areas other than your cat's head, like their back or belly? I don't know if using aversive training (like a can full of pennies) would work because it might scare the cat into hating petting in general.
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Contrary to popular belief, cats are pretty easy to train. The key is consistency. If it is "love bites" then the easiest way to curb the nipping is to remove attention from her when she nips. Pet her nicely, and when she nips immediately stop petting her. If she nips again (to get you to pet her more) gently put her on the floor and walk away. Do this a few times and she will figure out that nipping stops the petting. That way, too, she doesn't associate petting with punishment (like water or noises).

Does she nip when you are petting her tummy? Does she do it after you've been petting a while? Some kitties are very sensitive and petting can lead to over-stimulation where the pets can actually become painful, and tummies can be extra sensitive to begin with. (I have one kitty who would probably rip my hand off if I tried petting the tummy!) Watch her for signals that she has had enough - eyes dilating, tail twitching. It may just be a matter of training you instead of her.

You don't say how old she is, but she may be teething, too. Is it more like chewing on a finger? If this sounds possible, have a small stuffed animal close by to give her to chew on as an alternative to you.

Hope this helps! Let us know if these work, and I'm sure others will have suggestions, too.
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Thank you very much. Gracie is 3. I am adopting her from an animal rescue and haven't taken her home yet, because all my floors are being replaced. So she is in a stressful situation: in a cage in the animal rescue. I visit her every day.
I won't be able to go home til Sep 26, at which point I will bring her home.

I know it may seem premature to ask, but it isn't because if my allergies get set off, I won't be able to keep her....and that would be heartbreaking.

She would like to chew on my fingers. I haven't touched her tummy. Our visits are in a very tiny room, me sitting on a chair.

Your suggestions are wonderful! Thanks again.

I just found this site, but what wonderful support and how impressive with the little kitty pics.
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