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Our cat has suddenly turned against our dog,Please Help

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[Hello everyone,I'm so upset as our cat which is 2 yrs old has suddenly turned against our 5 yr old min rat terrier dog.Up until about a week and a half ago they were the best of friends. They played together slept together ate togethter they were inseperable.
Then one night just after dark our cat (Matilda) was sitting next to the sliding patio door,she started growling,and hissing,which she has never done before. So my husband went to the door to see if anything was out there,in the process he turned the patio light on to see and he didn't see anything. About that time our dog (Sparky) came to see what was going on, and all of a sudden Matilda lunged at him hissing,growling,etc. This went on for a couple of hrs.or so. Then we went to bed,and the next morning she was still going after him. By the time we got home from work things were back to normal. We thought.
Then about a week later it all started again,and now Sparky is affraid to come out of the bedroom or be in the same room with her. This might sound crazy to all of you, but it's just tearing me apart,I took Matilda to the Vet. and he said nothing was wrong physically with her and to just let things take their course. I'm having a real hard time doing this,I just want things to be the way they were. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I sure would appreciate it. I feel sooo silly,but I love them both soo much.[i][size=1][font=times new roman][color=purple]
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It sounds like your cat is experiencing misplaced aggression. A cat can become aroused or angered by another animal outside, and may lash out at an innocent bystander (like you or your dog). Unfortunately, they may come to identify the innocent as what caused their discomfort and behave aggressively towards them from that point on.

You may want to try reintroducing your cat and dog. I'm sure that the others here will be able to suggest exactly how to do that. Good luck!
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It sounds like "rage reaction" to me, which is another way of saying what Christy already described. I did a search of our past threads because I know we have heard of this before. You are not alone by any means. Anyway, take a peek at these threads, especially the one called "Rage Reaction." There can be happy endings with this!

Rage Reaction search
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I agree. maybe your cat saw another cat and since he couldn't get to it, the dog was the next best thing. I've had that happen with my cats also. Twig our 16+ pound cat(just weighed today!) Saw another cat in our yard so I went to bring all four of the cats inside from the porch. Not thinking I quickly grabbed Twig and Rocket together and Twig attacked both me and Rocket. It wasn't his fault as much as it was mine. Within the next few days Rocket and Twig were sleeping together and cleaning one another as if nothing happened.
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