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ACFA show pics

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Alright... I have to apologize firstly for the bad quality of the pics, and secondly for the lack of pics of other cats. I was so focused on Tobie that I didn't really get around much with my camera. I didn't use a flash in the ring because I didn't want to bother people. I'm sorry, Goldenkitty... I didn't get the two Cornish Rexes!! I never saw them in the ring at the same time that I had my camera, and they were in a dark bench cage. They were very lovely, though... very long and slender, built like brickhouses.

Here we go...

Hotel pic... Tobie had a BLAST in the hotel room! He loved getting to spend alone time with us.

His setup... we took out the mat later.

First ring.

This kitten was TOOOO CUTE!! The owner said he was six months old (yeah, right...) but he had quite the personality and took everything in stride. Beautiful coat, too.

Tobie being his charming self..

Second ring, Tobie complaining...

A couple of beautiful Abys. I'm not sure if they were young yet or just small.. but they were very slender and quite playful.

More to come...
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The only registered Bengal there (there were some part Bengals in HHP).


A British Shorthair that I took a pic of because he/she looked sort of like Sneakers... and he/she was so well behaved on the judging bench.

Tobie looking plaintively up at one of the judges.

A HHP that I liked a lot... he was very calm (at least when I was watching) but because of his "average" coat, he didn't place very highly very often. He had a gorgeous rust color to him.

Tobie with Carol. She talked about him quite a bit.

All the ribbons!!
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Awww! Good job Tobie!
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Wow are a star.
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wow congrate Tobie
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Congratulations! I've always loved Tobie!
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Yea Tobie! Congratulations!
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Aw, he looks so cute! And what a bunch of ribbons - how fun!
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congrats tobie I just these photos, what can I say i am a huge tobie fan
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Congratulations Tobie
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Nice the ones of Carol Too bad I couldn't come, would have loved to have talked to her again

I'll check and see who's judging at the IN show in February and private message you
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Congrats Tobie!

You must be so proud!
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Congratulations Tobie~
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Congrats Tobie!!!
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Thanks for the Aby pics! They look to be young adults to me! The second one has a very nice profile indeed!

Congratulations on a great 1st show! :big thumb:
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Congrat's on Tobies wins. It doesn't surprise me in the least. I think he's such an outstandlingly beautiful cat.
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Awww...what a little champ that Tobie is!
Congrats on your ribbons!
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Thanks, guys! It was indeed a lot of fun. I think I'm addicted and of course I'm very proud. Tobie thanks all of his devoted fans.

All the judges were really nice, especially Carol and the second one (I forget his name). I was nervous and went up kind of automatically to get the 9th best ribbon, and he teased me and said, you're going to go "Oh my God!!! Sit down and wait." I was so embarrassed, but he was very kind. The judge in the first ring didn't talk a whole lot. Maybe it is because it was early and he just needed to wake up and get in gear, but he didn't say much about each cat except for the top three or so. I like it when the judges talk and joke, both to the cats and to us.
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What did the judges say about his coloring?
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Congratulations! Your Tobie is quite handsome!
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Great job Tobie!!
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Originally Posted by Telynn View Post
What did the judges say about his coloring?
The first three judges thought he should be a seal lynx mink. I couldn't find Carol before the show, and another presenter who seemed to be well-respected told me to change his color to just a seal lynx point (I knew it was wrong, but I went along with it ). Carol (the judge that is an expert on cat genetics/coloring)l, on the other hand, thought his eyecolor was too yellow to be a mink. She says she sees ticking on his back fur... so, she agrees with Goldenkitty, that he is probably a chocolate ticked tabby or a chocolate silver ticked tabby. She says she can't tell for sure because the eyes aren't green (seen with purebred silvers) and the shading isn't dramatic enough to call him a silver. She took the time to look at my photo album and came to that conclusion after looking at the parents. She called him a mink at first, too.
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Shannon...I have an idea...why don't you show the lovely Ms. Godiva as well as Tobie???
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Way to go Tobie! Look at all those ribbons...

Congrats Shannon! Sounds like you had lots of fun.
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
Shannon...I have an idea...why don't you show the lovely Ms. Godiva as well as Tobie???
I've thought about it, but Godiva isn't show quality for one, and secondly, she FREAKS OUT in the car... she is such a drama queen. She throws up AND pees and poos if you don't hold her the whole time. I think she'd handle the ring pretty well as she is incredibly docile and I've never seen her cop an attitude with any of our cats, but she would be miserable in a cage and might not like all the commotion. She might be one of those cats that just freezes in the ring cage and turns limp. Oh, and her meow would drive everyone crazy. In the one here in Indy, I might bring her just to hang out with Tobie on the bench and see how she reacts.
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One of my rex females hated riding in a car - she's throw up within 5 mins - she didn't mind the shows, but I can't walk there
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Congrats Tobie
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