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Cat show in Fresno?

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I would LOVE to go to a cat show. I don't have a cat to show, but would love to go just to see all the kitties. Does anyone know if there are any scheduled in the Fresno area?
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I did a quick search and found this site...

Not sure how far from you those shows would be, but I usually have to drive to shows around here. There is only one in Indianapolis a year.

Have fun! Bring money for all the cute cat stuff.
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There are almost monthly shows in Arcadia CA. We show there alot. Check the show calander at TICA.
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You live in Fresno Dusty's mom? So do I
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You can check the CFA (Cat Fanciers Assoc) show calendar too.

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Yep, Punky, I'm in Fresno too (actually Clovis) but close enough!
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