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How helpful are your in-laws?

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I was just thinking tonight about how great my in-laws are. Jen and I had to buy a new tv because the sound on ours kept going out and I had to either punch the tv or pound on the floor before it would go back on Our old tv weighs a ton, and a new one would be too heavy for Jen to carry by herself anyway, and seeing as I'm pretty useless when it comes to carrying things with my crutch and even more so with a wrist splint, we were going to need help getting the old tv down and the new one in the house.

So we called my in-laws and they actually drove 20-25 minutes to our house at 7:00 just to help us do that. Gotta love them

...oh and good news, I'm not going blind. Me not being able to read the on screen guide was the old tv's fault, not my eye's
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Good news for your eyes!

My in-laws are about 10 hours away. They are good and I enjoy them. My parent's I'd say are good in-laws. My step-dad will help with projects and things and loan us his truck so we don't have to have some things delivered or things like that. Mom comes to watch the girls and they feed us quite regularly! They even went all the way to NY to bring be back a Tomato Pie! (J/K They went for another reason, but Mom really is bringing me back one!)
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well.... I came from an abusive family and ran away when I was 15, after I had met alex and fallen in love. I stayed with various friends for a week before his family asked me to live with them. Thanks to them I put myself through high-school. I am still so thankful that they opened their home to me, they are wonderful loving generous people and I can only hope that I'll be able to return it someday.
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Well....Colin and I aren't married yet...but his mom already refers to me as her daughter-in-law and treats me just like family, as does his father. I really love his family We have a great relationship. So even though there in Mobile,AL (about 6 hours away)....I know they would come to Memphis in a heartbeat if we ever needed anything. That's just the type of wonderful people they are. I definitely am greatful to have them.
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My in laws are wonderful. I'd never trade them for anyone! They treat me like one of their children and I feel right at home whenever I am there. I love them like my parents. I hope DH feels the same way about my parents.
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My MIL is too good to be true. Twice she has inherited money from relatives who have passed on, and each time she has split the money between herself and her two children 1/3 each. We have been able to pay off a lot of our debt because of her. She comes down about once every three months (for the kids' birthdays) and brings enough groceries to last us for a week - and she's the one traveling 5 hours to get here! She bought me my dog, paid for our sons circumcision when we didn't have enough money for the mohel, and has been responsible for giving us most of our furniture. And most of the time, she's never even known we had a need, she'll just call and say something like: "I sent a check for $100 in the mail, I felt God was telling me you needed it." She's amazing.
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Love my parent in laws........some of Jerry's other family I'm still deciding on!
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Well... John & I aren't married, we've been together for 2 years, but his parents.... no thanks. I dispise them both! His parents are divorced - so his mom is really controlling, really a weird lady, her boyfriend reminds me of David Hasselhoff (from Baywatch ) and his dad is a pervert, and his step mom is a psycho.

Helpful? Not really. Not in the least bit!!

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My in-laws are wonderful caring people that would do anything for you!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
My in-laws are wonderful caring people that would do anything for you!
Wanna switch?
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They're helpful in that when we moved to our new apartment and couldn't afford furniture right away they gave us money for a couch.

I'm glad that they live so far away for other reasons... When they visited last I had bought two sets of brand new guest pillows for them to use (1 regular and 1 feather) and they came back the next night with new pillows saying that they thought I could use some nicer ones for when I had company....

Plus DH's dad has a temper and a half. He and I would have words if they lived closer.
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I hope my future inlaws will be great!
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My DH's parents are both gone but I am still very close to my first husband's parents they are amazing and were so good to us. They love my DH too.
When me and Bob(My first husband) got married they paid for our Honeymoon and 1/2 the wedding and throughout our marriage, helped us buy our dream home bought us a bedroom suite and new cars whenever the moment struck them and whenever they helped the other siblings they would bring a check for that same amount over to us. And besides all this they were always on my side When he died they paid for everything, funeral, headstone etc. and always took care of me and begged me to find another husband so I would not be alone. To this day they are a big part of my life. Since my first DH died they have also lost a daughter to cancer, they have been through so much and are just such wonderful people.
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My in-laws are a little too helpful sometimes. I don't think we've ever left their house without "gifts" (i.e. things they don't want anymore).
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mine are great..they are always helping us and there is no way i could ever repay them. They took my daughter to school every day (before i quit this past week) and keep her on the weekends to help me out.
If I need money for something, they give it to me. They are so awesome.
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I have fantastic in-laws. I don't think I could have asked for better. Now, if only they'd give the "we'd sure love to be grandparents" thing a rest! We'll get there in due time.
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My almost-in laws are good people, but they have not really offered to help me and FH with anything. Ian's mom has been ill most of the time we've been together (she has cancer) and Ian's dad is "really nice, but" if you know what I mean! My future BIL helped me move, though! That was cool of him! I enjoy their company and think they're great, but I don't feel like we'll be relying on them for anything.

Circumstances haven't exactly been kind to them, though. They barely have enough to provide for themselves, let alone their grown children and their future spouses.
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Well.......... Mine are about as useful as...oh wait...I can't say that here

I can't stand mine
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Well my inlaws were part of the reason for our divorce always meddiling. I told my ex MIL to jump on her broom and fly away and my fil was a pervert but after our divorce I found out that maybe a month after it was finalized he committed suicide due to him and my mil splitting up. So I felt bad for my ex but I didn't think it was right for me to call or anything because he was already living with someone else. He moved in with that girl about a day after we seperated. And they just loved her. They used to sit and tell me about his ex's like I really wanted to know.
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I havent met mine yet, lol but they have been very sweet on the phone.

shucks that reminds me i forgot to mail something to my MIL, thanks lol
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...lets just say we'd do better without them.

I have never met a bunch of people more horrible than my inlaws (especially BIL and MIL) My MIL is the biggest gossiper in the whole darn neighorhood. She will take you shopping with her and treat you so nice, all the while talking junk about past DILS and other people. Then as soon as you leave she will pull out the phone and bad mouth about you all day.

The last time I spoke to her was quite a few months ago before she told her ex DIL that my son almost drowned in a pool because I was a horrible mother.
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That's good news....

I only have an inlaw,, My Father in law,, and he can be really helpful.. He has his moments.... But then again,, he's soo busy with my husband's brother and sisters,, he doesn't have time to drive 60 minutes to help us.. But he does, when we move and to see his Granddaughter....
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