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going to Florida

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We will be taking a trip to floriday in Feb/March and going to disney world. Any advice while we are there about the park/rides. The kids are comming also ages 11,9, and 8. We have tickets for the 4 parks for each day we are there and gonna rent a car for 1 day so we can take them to see the ocean.
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not much advice, but have fun! and be careful!
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Bring a backpack to put stuff in.... It's nice to have your hands free of bags.

If the weather calls for rain while your at the park, throw a few ponchos in the backpack so you have them ready. You don't want to buy those inside the park at $10-$15 a piece.

Ride Splash Mountain

Be prepared to pay $4 for a bottle of water

I think that about covers it Have a nice time!
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I remember as a kid my mom was so excited to buy this book called "The unofficial guide to Disney World" (umm...don't know the author...just "Amazon" it).

Anyhoo, the book said if you're at Epcot Center, get there at opening and start in the back and work your way to the'll have less lines to wait in that way. The same would apply to the other parks, I'm sure.

Then again this was 20 some odd years ago, so the info could be outdated
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Which parks are you going to?
I agree on the backpack idea! If you're gonna ride the water rides, bring an extra pair of socks. Sounds weird, but trust me, you don't want to walk around in wet socks all day. It will put blisters on your feet also. Or wear sandels!
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At Magic kingdom you can ride the 3 big mountains. When you get to the park hop on the Walt Disney World Railroad on Main street. If you want to do the 2 big mountains get off on the first stop U.S.A. Frontierland. There you have Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Please get a fast pass for that since the line is very long and you're going during the high season. After that you can get back on the Railroad and get off at the next stop which is Mickey's Toontown Fair. Just walk a little and it will take you to Space Mountain. Other rides to do are Mickey's Philharmagic, It's a small world, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. They also have a lot of rides for the kids. Don't forget to see Wishes. (the fireworks)

At Epcot you can ride the big attraction Soarin'. The line is very long so please get a fast pass. You also have Test Track and Mission Space. You can do Mission Space if you want to but some people get sick after the ride. (You don't want to mess up your day for a ride) For the kids you can take them to "The Seas with Nemo and Friends" and "Honey I shrunk the Audience". After that you can go the World Showcase. There's a lot to do there like shopping, drinking and eating. Every Pavilion has a restaurant. There's a ride inside Mexico and Norway. And don't forget to see Illumination. By far the best fireworks at Disney.

At Disney MGM Studios you can ride the 2 big attractions, "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" and "The Rock n' Roller Coaster". That ride goes from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. You can also do "Star tours-the ultimate Star Wars thrill ride" and watch live shows like "Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show" and "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular". At night you can see the fireworks "Fantasmic".

At Disney Animal Kingdom you can do the new big ride "Expedition Everest". You might want to get a fast pass for that since the ride is still pretty new and everyone wants to ride it. Next to it you have "Kali River Rapids". Please take some extra clothes (you can rent a locker) because you are going to get wet. Not far away from there you can go to "Maharajah Jungle Trek" to see a lot of wild animals including 3 big tigers. You can also do the "Kilimanjaro Safaris" if you want to see Giraffes and other wild animals. For the little ones you can take them to Dinoland. Don't forget to do "It's tough to be a bug" Oh and the park closes early.

If you need any info on dining at the park just let me know. Are you planing on staying at a Disney Resort? Or are you staying outside of Disney property?
If you stay at a Disney Resort you have access to the Disney shuttles. They can take you anywhere including to Downtown Disney.

I hope you have a great time with your family.
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Man, I love that place!

Where are you staying? The first time we went, I used the Unofficial Disney Guide (read it first) and it was very helpful. It even rates the restaurants as far as how good the food is vs. how expensive it is. Keep in mind that your kids might want to swim in the hotel pool more than go to the parks and walk around a lot - maybe build in some hours for that?

If you are like me, when I walk around A LOT, I get blisters between my toes. Bring lots of bandaids, and if possible, I found wearing Tevas or sandals like that was a lot better than Tennis shoes.

Make SURE to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks. It actually made me cry!

For our most recent visit, I bought a interactive "doll" called Pal Mickey. He's like a stuffed animal, and when you are off property, he tells jokes when you press his tummy. But when you're onsite, he gives info about whatever it is you're next to, so it's really cool. But the best part is when we were there, we were in Magic Kingdom, and Pal Mickey "buzzed" and said "There's no lines at the Winnie the Pooh Experience" (Or whatever it's called. It's a really cute ride. And the lines on that ride are HOURS long.) So me and my daughter high-tailed it over there and got to ride a ride we never would have gone on. Anyway, you can get a Pal Mickey on EBay, or even rent one there. He has a ring on his back so you can carry him around your neck with a lanyard!
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We will be staying at the resort. We have passes for mgm, epcott, majic kingdom and animal kingdom. $4.00 a bottle of water!!!!!! Wow! Yeah we got the package with dinning but they told us to make reservations for dinner so we are trying to figure out where to eat at. Its all a little overwhelming right now. It will be the kids first vacation and first time on a plane.
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No advice here sorry. But have fun! I havn't been to disney world since I was around 6 so I really don't remember much of it.
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You picked a great time to go! I remember going with my family in February once and in spring/summer a few times, and the lines in February were not bad at all!
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Everyone gave you such great advice, but I will tell you, we went last year in February and we froze, so bring coats, and Have a BLAST...I DISNEY!
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We went this past August. Definitely get the most recent Unofficial Guide to Disney. They have a web site that you have to use to get updates and crowd info. We used it and I made us follow it. Definitely worth it. We hardly stood in any lines and it's busy in August. (it tells you to get there early, get on certain rides and get fast passes to others. Also tells you which days are the least busy for each park) We brought our own water in. I bought these little straps (at Walmart I think) that attach to a belt loop and a round end that goes around the top of the water bottle. DH and I just attached two to each of us and we were set. You can fill them up again in the rest rooms or water fountains.

My favorite thing was The Lion King Festival at Animal Kingdom. It was the last thing we did before leaving Disney, and it was awesome. Even soothed my savage 10 year old. Other favorites were the safari, Soarin, and Test Track. We went on the wimpy Mission Space and it was fine. Now they have 2 paths to take if you want the full experience (where some people get sick) or the one without the big G forces. The line for the wimpy one is much shorter too. We liked the Indiana Jones show and if you have boys, the car stunt show is a must see.

Also if you get the book, don't let it scare you. They really exaggerate the scarieness and "queasy" factor . My husband gets sea sick and my kids are wimps when it comes to rides (even though they are 10 and 13 year old boys) and we weren't bothered by anything. (Didn't do Tower of Terror or the Rocknroll roller coaster though--told you they were wimps.)

Have fun!
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