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Kitty Towers II

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I was surprised that people were interested in buying a cat tower setup like in this thread:


I am curious, how much would you pay for such a thing to be shipped and partially assembled at your home?


If I gave a choice of fabrics via a website, would that make it more attractive as a potential sale?

My girlfriend also thinks it's a potential tiny business.
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I think my SPOT would love it! Don't you? I have paid as much as $400.00 for those and as little as $140.00 - I guess it depends on your location - that was the going rate here in Florida about a year ago.....
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I forgot to add this info. A friend of mine has a small company that he runs from home, building custom cat condos. His company is called "Cat Scratch Fever" and he too, was considering the idea of selling these on the web but shipping became a problem. (Not trying to discourage your business venture...maybe you can figure out a better way)

Anyway, based on what he said, after researching different carriers like FedEx, AirBorne, UPS...he found that it cost to ship it was almost the same price as the condo. Mostly because the condo was so heavy & bulky, not to mention, very awkward to box up. So, the cost of shipping didn't make it worth his while to pursue the web idea…(Although, that doesn't mean it can't be done differently today - who knows!?)

He does very well, on the other hand, selling them on consignment at local Pet Stores and, believe it or not, at the Flea Market here in Central Florida. (It's a huge open-air market- really cool!) People love these things...seems like he's always filling an order for somebody when I stop in to see him.

I bet you will have no trouble moving your condos! Hope that this info was helpful.......Maybe you guys could hook up! Let me know!

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Hi Kim!

Thanks for your info. I would be interested in talking to your friend. I would imagine shipping would be an issue, on the other hand, I am thinking that sticking to one type might make the packing experience easier. Great ideas for going to a flea market too. Thank you!
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Kim, you'd never find your Spot on that material!

Snip, we pay around $120-$200 here in Australia. Can you imagine what the shipping cost would be to deliver to me??? The mind boggles!
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