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Mystery?? Occasional poop on floor

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I am wondering if anyone else has this problem-about a month or so ago I noticed that when I would come home from work or get up in the morning, that there would be an occasional turd in the middle of the floor, just a small one but none the less, not in the litterbox. With 7 kitties it is hard to tell which one it was, I had figured it was Squeeker since he seizures on a daily basis and could maybe not control himself. We moved into our new house a week ago and it continues to become more frequent. Last night my husband witnessed Dusty jump down from the counter and as he did, he deposited a little turd. Now I am confused as to who is doing this and what to do about it. It has also become a game of "turd hockey" for the others as it is fun to bat them around on the floor. GROSS! I am just wondering if anyone else has had this same problem or any ideas on how to fix it. I am going to the vet with Squeeker on Wednesday, so I will as them then, but in the meantime I could use some advice. Thanks!
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Long-haired cat with long fur on bum? Klingons happen!

I got a set of groomers clippers, and now I no longer have stray poop balls.
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yeah peanuts does this too. it's really frustrating when she does it RIGHT next to the litterbox. maybe she's just trying to get back at me for not scooping her litter regularly enough.
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yes Dusty is a long haired kitty, but with 4 long haired kitties I keep everyones fur trimmed to avoid clingons-and his is especially short, just glad to hear it is not just him!
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I cannot offer a solution b/c I'm also the recipient of randon deposits on the floor. I is always next to the litter box, but I clean the box every day. I thought maybe Sidney was kicking it out of the box on accident even though I have an enclosed box.
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I get them too and the occasional skid mark on the dining room rug
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Teddy does it, often times when he feels there isn't enough litter in the box!
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That happens from time to time around here:

either the litter box isn't getting change enough, they don't like the brand of litter your using or someone is getting scared by another cat.

Perhaps Dusty is still adjusting the move so he's a little skiddish or developed an uncontrollable bowel (temporary or perm). I would double check with a vet.
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I would have a hard time tihinking that it is either the litter or the litterbox, because my husband cleans then daily, since I am pregnant. I am thinking that he might have a bowel problem, he is due for his yearly exam next month so will ask then, if I can truly prove he is the culprit and not poor little Squeeker.
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This happens with Winnie as well, they sometimes get stuck on her tail and just drop off wherever...
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