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All of my fosters are former barn kitties.
Dianna is also from our barn. My dog, Dottie, found Annie when she was about 8 days old. She was huddled by herself in the mini horse pen. Dottie wouldn't leave her and I was scared she would get stepped on so we brought her home and bottle fed her.
Holly was abandoned in a nearby town and a friend of mine who is allergic asked if I would care for her until we found her a home. Well that was a year ago, I think Holly's size scared people but she is the gentlest of cats. Vet figures she is about 7 - 9 yrs old.
Sissy was found by my SIL in the barn. She and her 3 litter mates were still attached by their umbilicals. It was all dried out and crusty so he figured something happened to the momma. (we found her later with a prolapsed uterus). Well we cut the kittens apart and I bottle fed them. Only 2 of the litter survived the night. Brother Bear has already found a forever home with a vet tech and Sissy will stay here.
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I was at a concert of a Grateful Dead cover band when a friend called my ex boyfriend and said he was at a friend's house and they had found this tiny kitten outside and broughten her in, but couldn't keep her because of their dog. So they were looking for a new home for her, and he recommended us. The next morning, we went and picked her up. She was about 2 1/2 months old, and was covered in fleas, which was alot of fun. My friend described her a a boy tuxedo. When I got her home, I said "Well, that's a girl!" and obviously she's a grey tabby... I had wanted a boy, but I was in love with her anyway. Then when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, I established that she was mine and not his. And now we're in Columbus.
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Hobbs: met him outside my father in law's house......about 6 months old, and he needed a home

Blueberry...met her when my ex brought her home from the Ragdoll breeder....surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Angel: met her a few months ago on my lawn in Concord, NC. I fed her, and then I took her in to try to find her a home. I finally did....mine
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Love reading everyone's stories!

Pushy was a stray kitten who wandered into a dog training facility I was volunteering at. He was so pitiful looking, I had to have him.

Wiggies we got as a brother for Pushy. We went to a cat rescue place, and walked downstairs to see the cats. Wiggs was just sitting there at the bottom of the stairs, patiently waiting for his humans to adopt him.
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This is a wonderful thread, so many beautiful post on how people found their cats, or how cats found their owners
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Ginger was a shelter kitten who stuck her paw out of her cage and hooked me - literally and figuratively. She grabbed onto my finger, and that was it, I was hers and she came home with me that night.

I found Ferris' little face on Petfinder and fell in love instantly - and I'd looked at scads of pictures of young orange males, looking for a companion for Ginger.

There was just "something" about his photo... little did I know when I fell in love that he was a feral rescue, but once I'd fallen, I had to have him come home with me. It's been an adventure that I would do all over again.
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This is a wonderful thread, so many beautiful post on how people found their cats, or how cats found their owners

I have always believed that animals just know if people are animal people or not.

Opie (not a cat) found our home 4 years ago. It was Christmas eve morning and it was raining and very cold outside. He was in our back yard, standing in water and he was shivering. It took me several hours to get him to come under our carport, he was very scared too. Well I finally got him under the carport and was feeding him. We think he had been abused by a man because he was very scared of my husband at first.

Opie stayed outside in the fence for about the first year, then it was getting to be a cold winter so I let him come in and he stayed in my daughters old room. I put up a baby gate to keep him seperated from my other dog Sambo (RIP) I didn't know what Opie would do to Sambo which is why I kept him seperated. Sambo was about 13 years old at the time, and blind and Sambo had no idea that he was a dog.

Now Opie stays inside a lot, he has gotten very spoiled too, Opie has been a lot of company to me after we had to put Sambo to sleep earlier this year.
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My daughter brought Jacob home - technically he's her cat although he lives with us now. Lokie was a shelter cat up for adoption at our local Pet Value store. I took one look at him and started to cry, got on my cell and called DH bawling my head off about this cat I had seen that I had to have. He grudgingly said OK, I drove to the Humane Society to fill out the paperwork and have the adoption interview after I told them at Pet Value I wanted him, then went back and picked my new furbaby up. When I got him home, I took him in and introduced him to his new daddy. I don't know which one of us spoils him (and Jaocb too) more!
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Bella My Dad saw an add in the paper and called it, it was a breeder who was dying of cancer and needed to get rid of her cats immediately, my Dad gave Bella to my first husband and I for Christmas, what a surprise. Best gift I have ever received That was in 1993.

Sophia: Got her in a pet store for my DH, when his dog Snickers died She is truly a Daddy's girl, she could care a less about me. That was 8 years ago.

Severino: Went to a cat show and walked by a cage with 2 adorable kittens in it, and we chose the one with the crooked mouth because no one wanted him. We picked him up and he purred and licked us, we could not resist him. Boy were the girls surprised when they saw us walk in with him That was 4 years ago.

Joey Gibbs: He showed up at our house, he was about 8 months old, and we fed him and tried to get close to him for 3 months before we were able to get him in a carrier and get him checked at a vet, the rest is history, that was 3 years ago. The other cats were so used to looking at him through the window, that there was no problem with introductions.

Teddy: He was at the Humane Society and I was looking at all the cages and saw this cage full of kittens when I bent down to look at them I was smacked on the head I look up and there is this beautiful black cat, he was 8 months old, and so friendly. That was 5 years ago, he lives at my husbands office because he beat up Sophia, he does not get along with any other animals. We would love to have him here with us
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Cassidy and Redford - My first kits adopted together from a local rescue group at PetSmart. They are brother (tabby) and sister (calico) since I wanted two littermates to grow up together. Cassidy reached her paw out and snagged my arm and my heart. I got them before I met my husband and they are bonded to me and tolerate my husband.

Inca - Stray that came to our back porch and decided to stay. He bonded to my husband who wanted his own cat. After a week of him on our porch and wondering what to do we took him to the humane society in case he was someones lost pet and after the waiting time went back to get him. He loves my husband.

Zander - Went to a cat show and a Cornish Rex breeder put him in my husband arms. It was love at first touch. My husband went wild over his soft down coat and his rubbing his cheek against my husband. He ended up coming home with us.

Grasshopper - We made a decision to get another rex for Zanders energy level and at a breeders house something spooked him and he ran right up to my husband and hid behind his leg. He ended up coming home with us also.

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Well, I met Fergus 4 years ago (almost 5 now) at my boyfriend's (at the time) apartment door. It was a 4-plex, and I had spotted this pretty white and orange-splotched kitten wandering about in the front lawn for a few days. At some point, I heard a scratching at our door at about 3 a.m. It was about 20 degrees (brrrrr!!!), freezing rain, and yucky outside, I look down, and there's the kitten, crying, and he ran past me into the apartment. Well, it was right there and then, that I decided that I'd keep him. I had a sneaking suspicion that the kitten belonged to the scuzzy neighbor that lived 3 doors down, and had been letting him go outside, right in front of the busy street, in horrible weather, and leaving a dirty leaf-covered dish of 16 cent cat slop on it. Fergus had a wounded front paw, part of his tail missing, ear mites, and filthy fur...I didn't care! He was perfect to me, and we went immediately to the vet the next day...he got a nice bath, a bandage for his foot, vaccinations, ear mite meds, meds for an URI, and a complimentary trip to, a bed, good food, etc. He then went back home with me, and has never looked back.

Ripley was a shelter kitten...she'll turn 4 on March 28! Apparently she was born in a barn, and the mother had abandoned the litter.

Captain Steuben came to me from a farmer, whose hard-working mouser ferals had kittens...Steub was the pick of the litter by about 4 other people, but I laid down twice the amount of the asked adoption fee, and nabbed him right there and then!!! I had to have Steuben, and apparently there were others who felt the same way! But hahahaha!!!! I GOT HIM!!!! Anyway, he's 10 months now, and will also have his first birthday in March!
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My two girls came from the shelter where I volunteered. Taffy had been there for three weeks and she was going to be put down as no one seemed to want her. I brought her home with me, and she has been wonderful! My Geeker was so sick, she was near death and left outside the shelter in the drop box. I called my husband and told he I was taking a kitten to the Vet, he said O.K., just don't bring it home with you. Well, of course I brought it home, and after a few hundred dollars she also came into the house to be Taffy's baby. I saw my beautiful Winkie actually thrown out of a moving car, I thank my lucky stars that I was there and could pick him up. His face was badly damaged, and his left eye was badly infected. Of course he went immediately to the Vets, his eye was removed, and he was neutered at the same time. He was on medication for infection for some time, and now he is a wonderful boy and fit perfectly into our home. Now, as you might guess, I am allowed to foster, but not to bring any more cats home! Thank goodness I have another building to foster in, and I keep it as full as I can.
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Jamie is from a cat rescue organization. A student, whose mother was fostering Jamie's mom, came to school late because she had watched the birth of all five kittens. I spontaneously said I'd take one or two kittens, since our cat at the time was a rather wild ex-feral who spent most of his time outdoors. Jamie was the kitten who decided to come home with me. He bit my fingers, jumped on my head, and untied my shoelaces - who could resist?
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We found both of ours through - they came from two different rescue groups.
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I met Harley at John's mom's house - since it was John's mom's cat that had the litter... whenever we went over there, I always played with them and we just ultimetly decided to bring the little runt home!

Same with Davidson! Him and Harley are 1/2 brothers - same mom cat, different daddy cat
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What wonderful stories!!!! I especially love how it was just "love at first sight" for so many of you!
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Mom actually chose Duke, he was a rescue kitty. I chose Sibohan she was a serogate moter to a bunch of kittens and when her kittens were adopted she was put up for adoption. I fell in love with her the moment she looked at me.
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Pearl was rescued form an abusive home by my daughter.
Pepper had been hit by a car and when trying to run out of the road, ran in front of me. I stopped to pick her up, and she crawled up into my brake springs. I had to pull her out, and nearly got run over myself, lying in the road under my car with my legs sticking out.
I took Scooter, aka Poot, from 2 janitors at a hotel where I worked when they wanted to see if a kitten could be flushed down a toilet.
My SO rescued Fluffy when someone threw her out in the parking lot of his job. He saw her tapping her little paws on the window and it was love at first sight. She is his girl, and does not mind letting me know it.
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Lily was a feral kitten that got stuck in the rock wall infront of my parents house. We took her in to tame her. Only it didnt work out to well and she only liked me. So I decided she was going to stay with me forever. No one else would love the rotten bratty spraying killer kitty. Thanksfully she's mellowed out quite a bit and doesnt do sneak attacks on people who come into my house any more. Though she does get John still every once in a while. She's a sweetie pie to me though. She's my baby girl.

Annie Rose was my parents cat. She was there for a little while before I moved out. Then in August she came to live with me because my parents didnt want to deal with kittens. She ended up going into preterm labor. Had 3 kittens that came out and then had to have a c-section/spay to remove the rest. She was very sick for a long time. But shes doing fine now. Though she is the weirdest cat Ive ever met. She doesnt react to anything. Unless she is scared and then she flips out! Otherwise she just sits around staring at the other animals.

Kitten was also a feral kitten. Though it didnt take very long to tame her down. I picked her to keep out of a litter because she looked just like my old cat that had died a month before. She had very similar markings. But she grew up to be a much leaner kitty. Taking after the siamese in her. But she's a sweetie pie. She still doesnt like to be held. But Im working on that.

Nazumi my big bratty baby boy I got an email about from a person on another board. They knwe I had recently lost Bagheera to Congestive Heart Failure at only 6 months of age. And thought I might be willing to take in another kitty with a heart murmur. Their was tons of mix ups. Because there were 3 litters of Bengal or Bangal mix kittens and each one had several kittens with heart murmurs. Well I was initially told he was a 9 WEEK old gray and white kitten. Then it switched to 6 month old gray tabby and white kitten. Then it switched to (when I picked him up) he turned into a 9 lbs thin super sickly oily coated 9 month old kitten. So I was like fine whatever. A couple weeks later I get a call saying sorry there was a mix up. Hes actually 6 months old. And by that time he was already 13 lbs. So I asked them how they were sure he was one of the 6 month olds. And they said because all the 6 and 9 month old kittens are still here except for Simba one of the 3 Bengal mix kittens. So I finally got his info about 2 weeks ago.
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LuckyGirl found my DH while we were on vacation in FL, he likes to say we were "cat burglars" and we "cat-napped" her. We rescued her, but really she rescued us....we thought we had a home filled with love, but really we had nothin' without her!

Louie was a result of a neighbors female housecat getting loose for 2 days in heat, and coming back pregnant....she had 6 kittens, and found homes for all of them except I took him, and snuck him home as a birthday present for LuckyGirl!
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I was going to a friends' house and their family member's asked me, "Do you want a cat?"
I went inside and met Sneakers, who was staying in their bathroom because she didn't get along with their 5 cats. Apparently they had "rescued" her in almost the same way that I got her. Their younger daughter was at this woman's house (not sure why) and when she commented on how pretty Sneakers was the woman asked if she wanted her! Her older sister came and carried her home (all 16 lbs of her) but they could not keep her themselves.
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