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How did you meet your cat?

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Trout’s mom’s answer to the “how did you meet your DH/SO†question made me curious…

This may have been asked before, but how did you guys meet your cats?

We found one of ours on petfinder.com, one was given to us, and the other two were from breeders.

What about you guys?
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Easy was outside the window of a friends house and was meowing her head off. When I went to open the door, she ran inside and plopped on the floor showing me her belly. I, immediately fell in love and soon after she gave birth to Kiko, Laura, Tino and Ducky
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I met Reilly when I started dating my now husband 4 years ago, and we adopted Sydney last year from a local animal rescue centre
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abigail introduced herself at the humane shelter with a motorized purr and won my heart instantly.
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I met them all at shelters! Best places on earth to meet your animal friends!
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A friend's cat had kittens, and that is how I met manytoes
Niles I found in a box at the Guelph farmers market, very tiny, and it was love at first sight
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All of my cats came through the shelter while I was working. Why I picked those five out the of 10 thousand cats I have seen, I have no idea! It's weird who has caught my eye.

But boy did I luck out!
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well there are some stray/feral cats in our neighborhood, and one of them had babies. i found out when i was out by our boat (which is under a tarp on the driveway) and i hear this *meow* and the tarp rustles. my dad and i got the little kitten, who was about 8 weeks old, and put him in a crate. then we see this little black & white streak dart into the open garage. we speant almost an hour trying to find him and get him out, but in our garage, it's useless. the next day we tryed to get him/her, and the poor thing had been in there almost 24 hours, and was mew-ing pitifully. we spent an hour catching him. so now we had these two little kittens that were born under a boat tarp, and i was told "we ABSOLUTELY are NOT keeping one." well a couple days later i spotted two other kittens from the same litter, and caught them. not an easy task. i know im lucky that i got them young so that they still had a chance to get used to being around people.
well we found homes for all of them but one, and the one left was the crazy one, Peanuts. and i kept her. she is one of the loves of my life! oh yeah, her siblings were Precious, Punkin, and Penguin, and i named her mom Pearl, though no one can catch her. i dont know why i named them all P names. thats just me.

my other joy, Socks, we are actually long-term (REALLY long term) cat sitting, and possibly keeping him. his real owner picked him up off the streets, where he had been living for a year after being abused and neglected by his original owner. i love him!

sorry for the long stories. that just brought up alot of memories!
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I saw Quill at PetsMart and fell in love with him, and that was that. I then found his photo on Petfinder.
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The company I work for recently started allowing shelter cats in our pet store for adoption. Puff was the second group of cats to come in. Him and his brother came in. The brother was adopted within a week. Puff (His name was Elexis at the time) stayed there another 3 weeks. They brought more cats up that he hated. He made one stay in the litter box all the time and the other he kept swatting at. Every break I go up to the pet store and pet the kitties. For 3 weeks I went up on every break and let him out of the cage and held him. It got so frequent that he expected me every time. From 20 feet away he'd see me and start pacing the cage ready to get out. After he started attacking the other cats they were going to take him back to the shelter where I was afraid they'd euthanize him. So I quickly got permission from my landlord to adopt him and the rest is history. He came home, changed his name to Puff because when he first arrived he kept "Puffing" up at Kota (Our dog).
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We posted a bulletin on MySpace about us looking for a kitten/young cat and an old high school friend of my wife emailed her and said that he had 2 Calico's he needed to give away because they were moving. He sent us pictures and based on her cuteness and his description we picked Reeses.
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When I moved from NY to NJ (before moving to PA) for work related reasons it was just too quiet in the apartment I moved to. In my new community, on Sundays, they had a pet adoption thing where they would get all the places together in one place for people to come down. I went there on New Years Day for a new start for myself and hopefully a kitty that needed some love, attention and a home. There was this one kitten, with no tail (what happened with his tail, only Little Buddy knows), cowering in a cage. I knew this fellow was in a new place, like I was, and was needing some love. He was very shy and looked so hopeless. I took him home and when he got there he checked the whole place out and became The King! It took but 15 minutes for him to show who was boss. I have many stories about living in that apartment and then moving to PA where we got much more space.

The funny thing about it is, Little Buddy was a scared little kitten when I first saw him but it didn't take long for him to become the master!
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We found our girls at the SPCA.

Past cats have been from different places: Tinsel, Shelter; Glory, cousin's cat had a litter; Tiger, married in; Pumpkin & Bunny, SPCA; Oliva, my Aunt.
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in the pet shop, after alex had told me he was getting him, I'd anticipated seeing him for a week!!!! Alex made me wait in the car, but came running out saying he'd be scratched and would I like to get him! As soon as he said he'd scratched him I knew he was perfect. I like them feisty.
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Originally Posted by caterpillarpie View Post
in the pet shop, after alex had told me he was getting him, I'd anticipated seeing him for a week!!!! Alex made me wait in the car, but came running out saying he'd be scratched and would I like to get him! As soon as he said he'd scratched him I knew he was perfect. I like them feisty.

That is great!
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Chynna and I met outside a building I used to live in. We romped around in the bushes for awhile and I invited her upstairs for a bite to eat and a saucer of milk. She never left.

Abby was a blind date. We were introduced through my friend's daughters ex room-mate. All I knew about her was that she was a gorgeous red head!
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I adopted spike from a disgusting cited shelter in the area. he was half dead.

Fang was adopted from a no kill shelter, he was a former street cat with frost bite and a broken tooth (fang)

Pansy was a foster with his mother and three sisters, he never left.

Previous cats were from SPCA shelters of better quality than the one referenced above.
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Summer was adopted from a no-kill cat shelter. She stuck her paws out at us begging for attention. She only did this for us! We always say she chose us, not the other way around.

Chevy we got unexpectedly. We always wanted to get another cat, but after looking around none called out to us the way Summer did (we have high expectations). However, we made a stop at Petco to get some new fish for our tank. There was a shelter there with kittens. We knew what we we wanted as far as personality went. Two kitties stuck out in their descriptions, and they asked me if I wanted to hold one of them, I held Chevy. He laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep. We were sold.

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This will take a while..lol

~Todd. He was my first cat, we got him from an ad in the paper (8 years ago)


~Marilyn- Born under our house to a stray cat. She is feral, she got pregnant for her first time and we were able to catch her and spay her after they were born.

~Bob and Princess-Marilyn's kittens we kept.

~Katie-PetSmart adoption center

~Muffin-Friend from 6th grade, they didn't spay or neuter any of their cats, they were way overrun. We took her when she was pregnant.

~Morris, Rocky, and Bubbles-Fostered them from the SPCA when they were 2 days old, ended up keeping them all.

~Lasagna, Lola, Churrito, and Barry-Muffins kittens.

~Spam and Chad-Neighbor was literally handing them out to anyone who would take them.

~Scooby-Found at my moms job

~Billie-Coworker from my moms job's husband was going to through him and his two sisters (R.I.P) in the dumpster.

~Paris-Spca (She had an accidental litter)

~Pebbles, friend of my moms..We got her when she was pregnant.

~Teddy-Pebble's kitten we kept.

~Melvin-Paris' kitten we kept.

~Sebastian-Found at my moms job

~Stephanie-Stray cat that has been having litters in my friends backyard.

~Scarlett-From one of Stephanie's litters.

~Dora-Neighbor found her in their car engine, and we took her. (They were going to take her to the SPCA)

~Jack,Binx,and Katrina-From Stephanie's LAST litter. I was finally able to catch her and take her home and spay her. They were 2 days old.

~Barney-Found him at McDonald's, in the drive through.
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well lets see
Willie we seen at the animal rescue league cause for my conformation my mom was going to get me my own kittie since my boo died a few years before that, and so she seen willie so we left with willie and precious and now precious lives at my grandmas (too much stress here for her from the dogs) and well they accidently gave willie away after he was fixed to someone else and so we had to wait for them to get him back (what can we say we fell in love with him)

Midnight was given to my brother from friends who was moving and gave them midnight, (that and midnight was a little crazy for them ) so my brother and his then girlfriend took midnight and now hes here with our crew !!!

Bella- well i had to get my wisdom teeth out and i made my mom take me to the dentist cause i was in bad bad pain so i went to work with her that day and as we were leaving getting into her car this cat runs up to me to get petted, and she was near one of the worst streets (people fly on that street) so i got hooked and so did my mom so she knocked on the doors in that area and everyone said she was just there and well i couldnt get her in the car that day so 2 days later my mom went with a carrier and some food and put the food out and she seen the bag in the car so she just jumped right in the car

Stormie I found on pittsburghpennysaver.com and it was part of a breed my mom liked and she was actually down the street a little bit, so we went and got her and she was really sick real bad URI that wouldnt go away but i nursed her back and now she is nuttier than ever

Blue- we seen an add in the paper for cats and kittens, spay/nuetered $25, and willie wasnt home then and it had been a month so we met the lady on the day to get stormie fixed and we went to her house and seen so many cats and so we had already decided we wanted Tessa, and so my mom still wanted another and she had brought Blue to the clinic when it was time to pick up Stormie and we took her home right then and there, although it was between blue and this other kittie i name tabbie which now I am trying to get grammy to adopt (tabbie was almost adopted last week until the couple who said yes seen a cat that looked like their old cat so they said no to tabbie so I am hoping i can talk grammy into her tomarrow what can i say it was moms choice and if she hadnt brought blue back who knows we couldnt decide so many to choose from but i was in love with tabbie so keep ur fingers crossed that grammy chooses her)

Tessa- We seen her at the ladys house, from the ad in the newspaper! We seen her and she jumped all over me and was so friendly and those blue eyes who could say no to that, so we finally got her!
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Sephie was found by kids who were gonna feed him and let him go and he was so small that I asked if none of them could keep him, if we could have him and they all went through reasons why they couldn't keep him. The boy who actually caught him came to visit sephie often until he moved away

Gabriel we found at the shelter. Something about him just drew me to him. He wasn't overly friendly and preferred napping. He has turned into a great foot warmer! (front declawed )

Orion was very scared and was at the vets...stray on the street with his mom and sibs. He was sooo cute!

Miss Isis was just howling outside and crossing the street away from our apartments as i was helping a friend load her stuff in the car. Few hours later, another friend left so I walked them out and there she was...outside the door, sitting there and meowing. (looked for her owner..no one claimed her..she is ours now)

Sephie and Orion...street cats, born outside.

I wonder sometimes with Isis and Gabriel what their story is. They are both older (bout 6 or 7) and I wonder what happened....they are both so sweet I don't understand why no one is looking for them or why someone would have thrown them out (well hopefully they didn't...) They are both declawed so obviously belonged to someone. I want to say they are happy with us..and I hope they are.
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Dushka - a colleague brought her into the hotel restaurant where I was eating dinner. He knew I wanted a cat and she was a 3 week old kitten who had been meowing for three days outside the shop by his apartment.

Ellie - a farmer who 'owned' her mother as a barn cat was trying to 'get rid of' four kittens.

Persil - was underneath my car one night, covered with oil and grit.

Wellington ( and his brother, RIP Napoleon) were dumped on my doorstep as starving kittens.

All this happened in Bosnia.

Biscotte - just turned up in my barn one day in Normandy
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I got Cleo as a kitten. M dog had died a year earlier. My mom decided to get me a cat. I always wanted a black cat. Well we went to a farm were they were giving away free kittens. As soon as I saw her I knew she was mine. I love my kitty.
My sister got Artie from a store. My mom took us to a pet store. We were just looking around, not intending to get more pets. There was this little Calico sitting aww by herself in a cage. Well my mom figured Jon had a cat, I had a cat, so Kristen shpuld be able to get a kitty. So we brought Artie home. Unfortunatley Cleo has still never gotten over it. I love Artie. She is so smart and silly.
Diana was rescued by my sis. She followed my sister to th front door of the school after recess. Deedee was emmacitaed only weighing 4 pounds. Kristen brought her home and we took hr to the vet. Diana is now healthy and her coat is thick and beautiful. She doesant have any teeth though because her mouth was rotting when we found her. We believe she was abuse by her previous owner. She was so defensive but now she is cuddly.
My brother got Princess from a farm,
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We got Alley from a pet store and when Patches went missing.my
niece got Nala for us
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Bear, Bosco, Jasmine and Max were born here. I got to watch them coming into the world. I caught Buddy as a kitten, around 8 or 9 weeks old. He was born under my house to a feral mom so he was a little scared feral baby. I caught him by opening up the crawl space door and doing my kitty call (sounds like a combination of a momma cat calling to her babies and a purr ) and when he came running to me I sat there and talked to him for a while....I did this for a few days and he got used to me opening it up and calling for him. I lowered a bucket with canned cat food in it and tipped it a little so he could get in...once he was chowing down and not paying attention I pushed his little butt in gently and brought him up. He was very scared at first but after a couple weeks of working with him he calmed down. He still comes to the kitty call.
I found Molly out on my back porch as a stray kitten with her brother (don't know what happened to him). Since we leave food out for Pumkin (my little feral baby) and whatever strays are around at the time we get a few visitors. She was scared at first but quickly warmed up to me. She went to get spayed with the other kitties the day after we brought her in. The lady at the shelter was willing to take her since she is so pretty she thought that she would get adopted out fast but we just couldn't give her up.

Pumkin the feral kitty came a couple years ago when Kayla (Bosco, Bear, Max, and Jasmines momma) was still a kitten. He has made my back porch (closed in) his home. After working with him for years he has just recently started letting me and my mom pet him. I am very proud of him and want to work with him and try to get him to be an inside kitty.
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Magnum decided while walking past the window that it would be a good place to live and hopped through the window, no one ever claimed him so he stayed.

Boomer was from a neighbour whose kitty got pregnant before they saved up enough to spay her (she was already 2 )

Bumper hitched a ride back from a fair in the bumper of the truck and fell out squealing when the truck parked (he was a tiny kitten too, much too young to be away from his mum)

Scully belonged to friends of my BF's brother, they own Scully's sister (Molly) and didn't want to see Scully go to a shelter so we took him too
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After a day of shopping in the city, the bf and I were just going to go home, but on the way home he said "lets go get some Wonton soup, yeah?" I almost said I didn't feel like it, but then agreed. We pulled up out front, he went in, and I waited in the car. As I sat there I heard "meow. Meow! Meowww!!!" I looked out the window and there was this gorgeous little cat, really skinny, looked less than a year old, walking up and down the street frantically following people, meowing at them. It was SO obvious he was asking for help.. and every single person walked by him without a second look. It broke my heart and it made me MAD. I got out and approached him and he was SO friendly... tentatively picked him up and he just purred and snuggled up to me. Then my bf came out and said "hey we gotta go". I reluctantly put him down, but didn't get in the car - I was trying to think what to do. Our landlord had already told us no cats, or else we would have already had one. I knew the bf wouldn't want the responsibility - heck, I wasn't even sure :::I::: wanted it. Grew up with cats, know they take time and love, and you can't just take off on vacation for a weekend when a living animal depends on you. While I was pondering, the cat ran across the street and tried to follow a man into his car. THe man ignored him and shut the door, and the cat sat down behind the car - and the tailights came on! In that moment my mind was made up, I ran across the street, grabbed the cat (the man leaned out and said "thank you" and I just gave him a dirty loook), came back to the car, and told my boyfriend "we have to take him home" in a voice that said "I'm not ASKING you, I'm telling you". When we got home I promised him I'd take the cat to a shelter the next day. I then fed him some tuna (the cat, not my bf) and he wolfed it down. GAve him some water and sat down to eat my soup - and here he came, hopped up and got in my lap, curled up, washed his face, and went to sleep. I think I knew in that moment I wasn't going to bring him to any shelter.. although for the next couple nights, the bf would come home - "cat's still here?" I did try to see if he was owned, but could never find anyone missing a cat. He grew on my bf too, and after a few weeks it was obvious we weren't bringing him to a shelter. Took him to the vet for a checkup, and as they scanned for a microchip my heart was in my throat, cos I already loved him.. thankfully, no chip

We've had him going on four years now and he's my big baby We worked things out with the landlord so that we could keep him and our apartment, and now I can't even imagine not having him in my life. He brings me a lot of joy, whether he's coming to snuggle with me when I'm sad, or he's trying to catch blanket mice at five am.
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Clio was picked at a breeder's, I saw her when she was three weeks old.

Sam was looking for a home while living in a kennel/canine sanctuary.

Pru was bird feeder watching in our yard for 6 months. It took us a while to realize she was living in our yard.
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Both of ours I think we found in adverts on free ads
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8-Bit chose us. A friend that I used to work with found a cat under his front porch that had had a litter of kittens. He took them in a raised them until they were 12 weeks. DH and I went over to his house to pick one up. 8-Bit rounded the corner swatted DH's leg, bit my toe, and ran into his kitty carrier and fell asleep. All we had to do is shut the door.

Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds was sitting in a cage in Petsmart. He looked at me and said with his big yellow eyes, "You're my Mommy aren't you?"
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