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Ear problems in Kitty

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I've recently adopted an abandoned kitten someone dumped off in the street. Since I had a cat once before, I noticed the dirty earwax in her ears that indicates ear mites. With my other cat, I used home remedies (homeopathic) to treat the problem and it worked.

With this kitten, it seemed that one ear has gotten better but her other ear hasn't. Not only that, but the ear that is better is a bright healthy pink. The other ear is a dull brown. It's not the wax (which I clean off almost every day), but the skin of her ear that is brown. It's so weird and I'm a bit worried about it since her other ear is nice and pink.

Thanks for any and all help some of you may be able to provide me with.

Jordanne (and kitty - Cassidy)
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I would say take the kitty to a vet to be checked out. You said you rescued it, it may have other health issues that a vet needs to give attention to, in addition to needing meds for the ears.

good luck! I hope kitty is better soon
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It's possible the mites are still in the one ear. The only way to know for sure is have the vet take a swab and look under the microscope. The other possible answer is either yeast or bacteria in the ear. Either one needs to be identified in order to treat it.
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Our kitty Berkley had the same problem after we treated her for her earmites. They just wouldn't go away so we took her back to the vet and discovered that the gunky stuff was caused by a yeast infection that had developed from her earmite problem. Good thing we took her back because her eardrums had ruptured as a result of the yeast infection that we were treating incorrectly with earmite medicine.

After we started treating the correct infection it was gone very quickly and her ears have since healed completely with no hearing loss

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