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Just joined this forum a few days ago to get advice about our sweet cat Bunty who was diagnosed with ear mites but seemed to be going downhill in spite of the vet's treatment. Took her back today and she had an injection and got tablets to help with the itching round her face. The mites appeared to have gone but her face was scratched raw and the vet thought she had an allergic reaction. Within two hours of returning home and snuggling up to the warmth of a radiator she had died. I had gone out and was thinking she would be resting and starting to recover, and now feel so guilty that I wasn't here for her. Rest in peace Bunty, you were a gentle and true friend for many years. Sadly missed.
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Oh, what a horrible story. Poor Bunty.
I'd have a word or three with that doctor, can't he tell an allergic reaction and provide some kind of antidote for crying out loud?
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I'm so sorry. RIP Bunty.
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So sorry for your sweet Bunty, may she rest in peace.
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I was so sad to hear your story. It is tough when they go so fast and unexpectedly. Don't beat yourself up for not being there. You did your best for her.

RIP Bunty.
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Aw, poor Bunty. Rest peacefully little one, and play happily over the bridge.
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Awwwwwww Bunty

You could only do what you could do. You thought she was recovering, its not your fault, Sweetie. Im very sorry for you loss.

Rest in Peace Bunty
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Rest in Peace little Bunty.

Know that you are loved and missed here on earth, but your presence is welcomed at the rainbow bridge where you will be free from all pain until your family will be with you again.
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Oh my, I was sorry to read about little Bunty please dont be harsh on yourself, you were there when you could be and you did your very best for her
RIP Precious Bunty, run and play over the Bridge, there are some very special kitties there and you will have a wonderful time
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My condolences on your sad loss.

Rest in peace and play Bunty.
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Thew poor baby I'm really sorry for the loss of your little one

Play happily over at Rainbow Bridge Bunty
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Rest in Peace Bunty. Play hard at the Bridge.
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RIP Bunty

I'm very sorry for your sudden loss
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I'm so sorry about your loss. Rest in peace Bunty.
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I am so sorry for your sudden loss of Bunty. Bless your heart. Hugs to you and may your memories bring you peace.
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