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How do you cuddle w/ them?

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How do you cuddle with your kitties? With Puff I normally cradle him like a baby. Or he will position himself over my shoulder. Sometimes when I'm laying in bed he will lay in the small of my back.
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I have to wait for Trout to get on my lap...she hates being held so that is not an option
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Shoulder for sure, that's the way Bella loved to be held and Severino likes it also.
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buttons falls asleep in the wierdest way, with me holding him upright with his head on my chest and his paws towards my neck. it's hilarious to watch but he loves it.
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They lie next to me and let me touch them...sometimes...LOL.

I envy those of you that get to truly cuddle with your furbabies.
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I hold Reilly like a baby. Sydney doesn't like to be held
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Cuddling with Suzy is not on. Picking Suzy up is not on. A scritch, when she comes and asks for it, is permitted. Also she squeezes behind Rob in "his" computer chair. That's the extent of her touch, at least thus far -- she does seem to be mellowing and looking for attention more often these days, so who knows what she'll eventually allow. (BTW, for the discouraged: she's 7 and we've had her since she was 7 weeks old.)

Cuddling with Fawn is Daddy's territory. Daddy is the only human who holds her properly. Scritches while she lies on the floor, on the table, on Daddy's tummy, or while she prowls around bathroom counters, are not only permitted but encouraged.

Cindy is the cuddler. Mummy is the one who holds her best, and she likes to go for walks, though she'll accept baby cuddling from Daddy, too. Her favourite thing is to herd the humans into the bedroom, sit them on the bed, and then get scritches from four hands at once -- also works with one human on either side of the bed, and then she goes back and forth from one to the other. If only one human is available, it's important to wrap your legs around her arm, so that all she can do is scritch your tummy lots -- that's so good that sometimes Cindy ends up with her butt in the air, almost doing a headstand. Her other thing is when the humans are in bed, to snuggle between legs, or in the crook of a knee.
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All of my kitties don't like being held. But they will jump in my lap sometimes. I got a cute pic of Buddy on my cell phone when he was on my lap. A good close up of his cute face!!
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Sneakers is a lap cat. She does not like to be "cuddled" as in hugged and picked up, but she loves to sit on people's laps--or preferably on your chest... The second I sit down in the recliner that I like and lean back, she's up and purring on my stomach/chest. She prefers to sit with her front on my chest and her face right by my neck or her head under my chin.
She will sometimes let me hug her when she's sitting on me, or if I'm in bed sometimes she will lay on my arm so I can sort of cuddle her to my chest (like a teddybear heh) but other times she won't let me do that.
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When DH and I were first married there was a cat that adopted us. I was sitting in the courtyard of our apartment complex and this sweet little boy jumped on my lap, buried his face in my neck and proceeded to "poke me full of holes" and licking and slobbering all over my neck, purring the whole time. LOL, we named him "Little Boy" and he is now playing happily over the rainbow bridge.
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Chynna will let me hold her any which way. However, her favourite is when I'm sitting in my computer chair and have her laying across my chest with one arm under her to support her and the other free for me to give her head scritches and hind foot massages.

Abby likes to cudde when I'm laying down in bed. When I'm sitting on the couch she will lay near me but not on me. She also likes to jump up onto me when I'm sitting in my computer chair. Where Chynna lays horizontally across my chest, Abby prefers to be vertical with my right arm/hand supporting her butt and my left giving her head scritches and ear rubs. She tucks her face either to my mouth or under my chin.
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peanuts will let me hold her like a baby when she actually lets me hold her, which isn't often and i TRY to hold Socks like a baby. but he's so FAT i think that its uncomfortable for both of us! socks likes to cuddle but he doesn't like to be held. peanuts sometimes is in a cuddley mood, but usally not.
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Easy loves for me to hold her like a baby and she will go to sleep or resting her head on my shoulder while shes nursing my ear.

Laura loves to lay on my neck when Im in the bed, with her body on my neck and her head on my face. She also likes to be on my shoulder.

Tino likes to lay beside me in the bed.

Ducky and Kiko will take their love any and every way. Both laying on their backs like babies. Kiko LOVES to be on my shoulder. Both LOVE for me to carry them everywhere I go. I can carry 2 cats at the same time.

All of them love loving on their belly's. They will roll over to get some belly love, no matter where, when or how.
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Emily is not a cuddler at all, but Chessy is a lap cat most of the time.
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Davidson... usually like a baby, on my lap, or when we're laying down, he lays on my chest with his head under my chin

And Harley... usually just on my lap, if I'm lucky!
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Gracie likes to be cradled in my arms like a baby or on my lap or walking all over me whilst kneading, especially when I am trying to sleep. In fact, the only way she'll let us carry her is if she's on her back, and then she'll drop her had back over my arm and put her paws up and knead the air and purr like there's no tomorrow. She will often sleep with her head on my hand or in the crook of my arm.

Raphael lays down on my lap/tummy/chest and then "hugs" me with his paws (so I hug back). Sometimes, he also tucks his head under my chin. If there is an available lap, he's in it. Sometimes, he'll follow me around for hours, meowing his long polysyllabic meows until I sit down. He will not tolerate being picked up, although lately, Ian has managed to carry him briefly.

Leo, who is not a lap cat, simply likes to be carried around. He rolls over for belly rubs and loves his ears scratched. That's the extent of Leo-affection.
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Shadow doesn't usually like to be touched but Finnegan is mostly a lap cat.. He likes to be held like a baby but won't sleep that way.. He's finally getting used to Justin and will jump up on him for cuddles too!
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