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We're getting Neutered today.

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We're used to dealing with this now with the ferals we trap, but NOT OUR KIDS! The Vet told us it's best to wait until the kittens are 5 to 5 1/2 months old before they get neutered. We can tell by when their adult teeth fall out.

Lazlo has been acting funny all morning - cooing and talking - not normal for him. Tooth is gone!

We want the two to be done together, so they go together and come home together. Our Vet, Dr. Leal, knows us really well because we've given him so much business with the ferals. We called him a few minutes ago, and he says we should bring them in at 1:30 today, and we can pick them up tonight.

We're so nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor little guys!

We know we'll all be happier down the road, but never having had cats as pets before, we're nervous nellies!!!!!
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They will be just fine, I'm sure. It is hard to take your babies in and leave them.

I'm sending positive energy and quick healing thoughts for Lazlo and Sheldon. We'll all worry with you if it makes you feel any better.
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I know how you feel. I stayed home the whole next day with each one of my "kids" just to make sure they were on the mend.
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I know we're being silly. But I don't have to pretend to be somebody I'm not here - I feel as if I'm among friends. Rock was fine after being spayed (although she spent a record day and a half here), and being neutered is nothing compared to that.

THANK YOU for the words of encouragement. Gary's more nervous than I am!!!!

Here's a pic of our two sweethearts:
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The kitties are so cute! I am sure everything will be fine. I know how you feel, though!

Sending good thoughts up!
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Laurie, you and Gary aren't being silly - just being good kitty parents. If parents to real kids get nervous about their children going in for surgery, why should we parents get nervous about our fur-kids? We'd be more worried about you if you weren't worried.

Of course, I have to add, Lazlo and Sheldon are just so adorable. Love their little white tooties! Pink kitten paws - munch, munch, munch!
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{{{LDG, Gary, boys}}}

I can sympathize... although I should be used to it, I called several times on the day they went in to see if they were out of sedation yet... the OR was backlogged (hence multiple calls) and finally the receptionist (who's knows us for 20 years) said with perfect good humour, "Don't call us... we'll call you."

I got the point, LOL!!
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I don't blame you for being nervous! I keep the Vet on speed dial when one of the critters is there!

Ring ring.......
Hello, Vet hospital
Hello, it is me, Deb - how is everyone....
Vet - fine - they are just fine.
Me - are you SURE?
Vet - yes, like I said they are fine
Me - well I was just wondering.....
Vet - you must just have gotten home from here and we are only 2 miles apart you ARE a crazy cat woman.
Me - Yes and proud of it - I will call again in a couple of minutes to check!
:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
and so it goes...........
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Hope the surgery went well for you. I'm sure they came thru w/ flying kitty colors!!
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Thanks all so much for the reassurance.

Debra LOL! Our Vet's office/staff think of us as the crazy cat people for sure. We didn't have to call every two minutes, they gave us an exact timeline. Gary called about a minute after each one was done. They were, of course, and thankfully, fine. We picked them up just before dinner, and we're all home. They were such snuzzle-babies. After slurping down lots of water, each settled into their favorite spots for a good bath. (Sheldon, on top of the printer; Lazlo, in a box on the couch) As soon as they were done, we zoomed in for pets. They fell asleep purring and smiling. *sigh of relief.*

Again, thanks all!

Oh - P.S. Found out when picking them up that Hubby orderd an X-ray of each kitty "just to make sure." Doc says they look great, inside and out!!! LOL! :tounge2:
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Laurie - I am very thankful that the boys are home safe and sound!
Good job
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That is great! I'm so glad to hear it all went well!!!

And you know what....as far as the worrying goes....my dad told me a story one time of an old woman who went to church with him, who said, "People tell me I worry too much, and that it won't do me any good...but it MUST be doing some good, because everything I have ever worried about has never happened!!" :laughing: Guess that's one way of looking at it!
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I'm so glad everything went well. Give Lazlo and Sheldon an extra kiss for me!
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Kisses all around. And Debby - LOL!!! Too funny!!! I'm going to share that one with Gary when he gets back. Always accused of being paranoid, now he'll have a great story with it!

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Good news Laurie! So glad it all went well.

With my vet I just go, "Hi, it's Tania. How are you?" And they go, "Oh, hi Tania, how are Milo, Popcorn and Coco?" Like, there must be lots of Tania's on their books but they know me well enough. Must be the expensive cat insurance my furbabies have, they see me coming and rub their hands in glee!
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Laurie- so glad it all went well for your babies. And don't EVER feel silly for loving your kitties enough to worry about them! I purposely scheduled Jedi's neutering on a Friday so that I could be home with him over the weekend, just to be sure he was OK.

Yes, you are among friends here...
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Laurie, I forgot to say, that pic is adorable. You should put it in the 'caption this' comp.
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