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Cat crap?

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Okay, I got my cat Bella, about three months ago at the time she was about 6 months old, she was already potty trained and everything, and she had been fine, then I got a dog who was three months and they love each other and there were no problems, but recently this past couple of weeks, she sneaks into my husband and I's room and poops right in the middle of the bed...but she still continues to use her litter box..she hasn't done it everytime, but out of no where she will.....and now recently I had put an empty box in one of the other rooms and she used it and pooped in there as well...but she has never peed anywhere else, and she normally uses her litter box. I clean her litter box frequently, and it's not dirty....she'll only do it when no one is around.....please someone help, I don't know what to do! She receives as much of attention from my husband and I, as the dog does...everything is fair! Please help!!!
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I had the exact same thing happen when my first cat turned 1yr. It was before I got my second cat. This went on for about a year (poo only). I covered the duvet with an old sheet so as not to have to clean the whole duvet everytime. Eventually, this behaviour turned to the occassional pee. Pee is soooo much worse than poo. The clean up is major.

Try to stop the behaviour ASAP so you don't experience urination later on. Thouroughly clean the duvet or bedspread. Spray a product like Nok-Out (my favourite) or other SUPERIOR pet scent removing cleaner available at pet stores or on-line on the soiled area, before you wash the bedspread. Soap on its own won't do the trick. You have to totally remove the feces smell (not necessarily apparent to human noses) so that the scent doesn't encourage the cat to do it again.

I can not give you a simple cure, as I don't have one. This is one of the reasons I logged onto this site, as a matter of fact.

Here are a few ideas for you to try:
Feliaway diffuser in your bedroom
Try to keep the door shut when you're not around.
Keep a second litter box on the bedroom level (perhaps this is why she opted for the box)
Spray a blanket with a cat-away spray which can be removed when you go to bed.
Cover the bed with upside down welcome matts, prickly rubber teeth side-up.'
Buy some sofa scram matts on-line (may be available at your pet store) which give off a loud beep when the cat walks on them. These worked wonders for stopping my cat urinating on my couch.

I read in one article, that cats sometimes defecate or urinate on things were you frequent that have your smell as it is some sort of comfort or scent marking. Sigh... At the very least, it is some sort of message from your cat.

Supposedly, my vet has told me this type of behaviour tends to be worse with indoor cats.

The pooing could be a solitary event, if you're lucky. My childhood cat used to do this after we came home from vacation, but would not repeat the offense until we went away again. Not a big deal.

Take some precautions now, so it doesn't become a recurring problem. That's my advice!
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This is a sign of discontent with your intro of a dog. Yes they may get along to the eye, but I have seen this behavior disorder posted several times as well as experienced it! Cats are not stupid! Some choose the one place that you spend the majority of your time when you are at home to show thier displeasure towards something that has changed in thier home, the bed! Completely agree with above reply, you need to stop this ASAP!
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