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I just got love bites!!!

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From FERRIS!!!

Ginger has been asleep on my bed for hours, so I sought out Ferris and woke him from his nap on top of the living room kitty condo with some head scritches, which became a long, drawn out petting session on the couch, culminating in treats.

At one point, I just couldn't resist the urge, although I know better, and I admit it - I rubbed his chest just a little, between his front paws and under his chin, and sure enough, he put a fast stop to that by putting his teeth on my hand, not biting in an attack, like he used to, but just enough for me to get the message that he didn't want to hurt me, but stop that touching NOW.

But that wasn't a love bite...

After we'd scritched and rubbed and loved and purred and done all of that again some more, Ferris had his treats. This made him so happy on top of all the physical love that he had woken up to, that he continued to headbonk my right hand several times, and then put his teeth on my knuckles really, really gently! And then he did it again!!!

I think those were love bites!!!
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Aw, those WERE love bites!!! Aw, Ferris WUVS you
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I think he DOES love me, now! I'm gonna cry... LOL!!! Let's see...I've had him for exactly 4 months and 13 days. It hasn't been easy, but he is turning into the little lover that I knew was hiding inside that very frightened feral rescue! I'm SO happy!!!
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I'm so happy for you honey! This is such wonderful news about your little man.

PS I was a thread stalker about Ferris.
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I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations on bringing that little lover out from behind that feral wall. You will always have a very special relationship with Ferris.
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Oh Congrats!!!!! I'm glad that he's learned to trust you and is coming around affection-wise! He's a beautifuly cat and I love that big bushy tail of his!!!
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awwww! what a sweetheart!
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Congrats! peanuts has yet to give me a GENTLE love bite...
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WTG Ferris!

He is such a beauty, glad that he is finally coming out of that shell.
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